Antarctica 2018 Itinerary

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Antarctica 2018 Itinerary.

In case you missed my ‘June 2017 Roundup‘ post, I’m leading a group to Antarctica! The Antarctica 2018 itinerary has been announced, but there will be some great additions to our group’s get-togethers in the future so I’ll be announcing them as they come online.

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Important Information:


February 20 to March 2 of 2018.

Embarkation Point:

Ushuaia, Argentina.

Disembarkation Point:

Ushuaia, Argentina.


Akademik Ioffe.

Group size:

Roughly 15 people in my group, among the 100 passengers onboard the Ioffe.


Flights are not included in the trip cost. If you need help arranging flights contact me at adventuresoflilnicki [@] and I can assist you. It is best to book flights into Ushuaia a day or two prior to the departure to be on the safe side in case you do have any unforeseen flight delays. We are planning a welcome dinner the night before the ship departs for the group to all get acquainted, so definitely make sure to arrive before the evening of February 19th.


Accommodations before departure of the cruise, and after arrival back to Ushuaia are not included in the trip cost. There are a variety of accommodation options in Ushuaia to fit most any budgets from hostels to 5 star hotels. If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me at adventuresoflilnicki [@] Great places to start searching are and AirBnb.

Antarctica 2018 Itinerary:

Arrival in Ushuaia prior to ship departure.

February 19, 2018- Day 1: Ushuaia.

Welcome dinner in evening. Location to be announced.

Accommodation with be of your choosing on your own (not included in trip cost).

February 20, 2018- Day 2: Ushuaia.

Antarctica 2018, Argentina, Ushuaia, Ushuaia Argentina

In the morning we will depart on an activity (to be announced) and return to Ushuaia.

In the late afternoon we will gather at our central meeting point and transfer to the pier where we will board the Akademik Ioffe to begin our journey to Antarctica. After getting familiar with our cabins and exploring the ship, we will meet the rest of our expedition team. We will enjoy a welcome cocktail and dinner and cast off into the Beagle Channel, bound for the Drake Passage and Antarctica.

February 21-22, 2018- Day 3-4: Drake Passage.

We will be sailing south towards Antarctica through the Drake Passage. Be on the look out and have your camera ready for seabirds including the wandering albatross, giant petrels and smaller cape petrels. Photographing these magnificent birds from the deck of the ship takes patience and skill and our photography expert will be on hand to show you the best techniques. You can even join the ship’s Captain on the bridge and learn about the operations of our modern research vessel. Throughout the days you can enjoy presentations about the environment, wildlife, history and the locations we hope to visit on this expedition.

February 23-26, 2018- Day 5-8: Antarctic Peninsula.

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Today we should be waking up to snow capped jagged peaks- we’ve made it! This is Antarctica.

Over the next few days all of our adventures in Antarctica will take off. Every day will be packed full of exciting activities, including guided hikes on shore (some short and long), visits to wildlife (yay, penguins!) colonies with expert naturalist guides, historic huts and science stations that provide a glimpse into the past and the present day, zodiac cruises among the ice searching for penguins, seals, and whales, and more! Meanwhile, those wanting to sea kayak* may experience Antarctica from an entirely different perspective. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy Antarctica on your terms.

Landings and zodiac cruises along the Antarctic Peninsula could include Cierva Cove or Mikklesen Harbour, Danco Island, the Melchior Islands, Fournier Bay, Errera Channel to visit the gentoo penguin rookeries at Cuvehrville Island, Wilhelmina Bay where we may encounter playful humpback whales, Paradise Harbour offering a world class hiking route to a viewpoint providing expansive views, Andvord Bay and Neko Harbour.

And here is what I am most excited about and you should be too: Along this stretch of coastline we plan a night on shore, yep, camping in Antarctica! Alll the right gear and equipment and an expert team will ensure make every effort to make it happen – all you need is an adventurous spirit! Camping always depends on the weather and is not guaranteed, unfortunately. If the weather is good, rest assured, we will always camp. Camping is included and you can decide to participate on the day. There is no need to pre-book.

*Pre-booking of sea kayaking at booking of cruise is required.

February 27, 2018- Day 9: South Shetland Islands.

Antarctica 2018, winking penguin, wink penguin, penguin winking, pension wink, Chinstrap Penguin, Penguin, Chinstrap, Antarctica, Aitcho Island, South Shetland Islands, reasons to visit antarctica
Join me and my Chinstrapped buddies in the South Shetlands in Antarctica 2018.

After a few days of exploration along the Antarctic Peninsula, we will head north for the South Shetland Islands. If the weather conditions allow, we sail the ship into the flooded volcanic caldera at Deception Island. History is all around us as we explore the old whaling station, with the rusted relics and dilapidated wooden structures. There are several other landing sites in the vicinity including Half Moon Island, and the broad pebbly beach at Yankee Harbour, where we may encounter Weddell seals out on the beach. This is a great spot for a hike or a Zodiac cruise. In the evening, we navigate north through the McFarlane Strait and into the Drake Passage, en route back to South America.

February 28- March 1, 2018 Day 10-11: Drake Passage.

As we make our two day trip back through the Drake to South America, there will be educational presentations on offer and many fun activities onboard. If weather conditions allow, we hope to make a rounding of Cape Horn. This fabled stretch of water is home to legendary tales of exploration and early navigation. It’s a fitting place to close our expedition. We will approach the entrance to the Beagle Channel in early evening light, we enjoy a special dinner attended by the Captain of the ship.

March 2, 2018- Day 12: Ushuaia.

We will arrive back into Ushuaia, Argentina in the early morning. You will have a chance to say farewell to your crew and fellow travellers. Guests will be transported to their accommodations or to the airport for return flights home. It will be possible to connect to flights through to Buenos Aires or other destinations in South America. Otherwise enjoy a night in town or venture further afield to explore the highlights of Patagonia. Accommodation will be your own choosing at your own expense tonight.



I hope to see you on this Antarctica 2018 trip!

Have anymore question about this Antarctica 2018 itinerary? Ready to book? Need more info? Don’t hesitate to email  info [@] or myself at at adventuresoflilnicki [@] to answer more questions!

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