White Sands National Park, New Mexico, gypsum

The month flew by so quickly that I forgot to even do this post on the last day of the month!

It started with a long weekend in New Mexico at White Sands National Monument, which is pretty much the only thing I wrote about this month, aside from the not-so-well received post on me not caring for Tucson. People get so butthurt when you openly admit you didn’t like a place. My post was pretty nice about my dislike of the place, considering that there is more than one website dedicated solely to people’s hatred of Tucson.

I don’t get all up in arms when people say they didn’t like Alaska or the Anchorage area. I mean, I know Anchorage is on paper, most emphatically is not a safe place. For fuck’s sake, Grant had to hold a guy’s neck shut while the EMT grabbed his equipment to keep the guy from bleeding to death in downtown Anchorage Saturday night who had his neck stabbed by some psycho at the bus station. All Grant did was go out to move the car.

So, no. I don’t get my little Millennial feelers hurt when someone says they think Anchorage or Alaska as a whole sucks. But after all, we now live in a society where people are celebrated for the most basic human expectations. And if you aren’t, and that offends you, you can throw a giant shit-fit.

That got slightly off-topic.

So yeah, I went to White Sands, I didn’t like Tucson and went on a few hikes around where I live.

And for May? I’m off to Bolivia and Peru! So we’ll see what happens there.

In other news… I’m navigating the bureaucratic nightmare, otherwise known as the Central Asian visa process. This fall I will be visiting Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Thankfully as it stands right now I won’t need a visa for Kyrgyzstan, but this region of the Earth seems to change its mind at the drop of a hat.

Here’s what happened in April:

New Mexico:


I re-vamped my post from last year

Adios! See you next month from South America!

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