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Oh hey guys!

So as you’ve probably figured out; I’m finally back in Alaska. I landed back home on the 1st from Chile.

And to get to the point, here are the posts I released this month:

And if you care to read about what happened in April….

Adventures of Nicole, Adventures of Lil Nicki, El Nido, Photographer, Philippines

The highlight reel:

 It’s springtime in Alaska

March through June is my favorite time of year!


For the first time in 3 years at Alyeska. Don’t worry, I still got it.


and glaciering at Spencer and Knik Glaciers.

Aurora chasing

Probably the last storm for the season that I’ll get to see!

Making videos

I’m finally making the jump! El Nido was my first project.

I’ve begun the process of getting Italian citizenship

I’ve known for years that I’ve been eligible for Italian citizenship jure sanguinis. I’ve been saying I was gonna do it for years and am finally getting around to it. Although I did debate on whether to list this on the highlight reel or the shitlist, as it’s a pain in the ass!

Plus now I have to wait for a date to magically open up for me to go to the consulate and apply… however navigating that website is an all-out nightmare and it doesn’t look like there is any availability to schedule an appointment for the next decade (I’m not kidding).

I even emailed them and asked if could call and arrange an appointment and they told me to check back on the website at 3 pm each day to see if anyone’s canceled. Really? I live roughly 4,000 miles from the nearest consulate… I need a little time to plan.

I figure it’s probably backed up because of our beloved el presidente and now everyone seems to want dual citizenship somewhere else. That’s not why I’m applying, I mostly want it for travel-related purposes and to have the option of working in EU if I ever choose so.

Don’t worry, I’ve always disliked Donald Trump. I couldn’t stand him before it was trendy and hipster to hate him. I couldn’t stand to listen to him talk when I was a teenager on the ‘Apprentice’ when it first started on tv.

And if at this point you’re making assumptions about what I identify with politically, you’re probably wrong. I’m non-partisan in case you were curious because I think all the parties are full of equally slimy, shitty, poor excuses for human beings- otherwise known as politicians.

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for listening to me bitch about things annoying me for yet another month. I’ll be back in May with more Antarctica posts, some posts helping you plan more for Tajikistan travel this summer, and some travel gadget/gear, heck maybe even travel toiletries recommendations, and hopefully some more video*… I got lots of ideas!

*I just want you to know that video is probably the absolute hardest media to produce! I now understand why so many vloggers only release videos 1x/week…

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2 thoughts on “April 2017 Roundup”

  1. Have fun with the Italian citizenship thing. It’s a major PITA, that is for sure. Took me 5 years, start to finish and the consulate was (almost always) not helpful. (San Francisco) But it is worth it over all. I am in Italy right now and the only time I use my US Passport is when I buy my tix to come here and to re-enter the US. (That’s the law)

    Start working on getting your docs in order and any translations you need. That can be slow too.

    Best of luck!

    1. Not looking forward to the process! I’ve ordered the naturalization papers and the birth certs from Italy. Naturalization papers have already come through, and am about to start in on collecting the birth/death/marriage certs of the family born in the states…. then of course to get them all translated. And I totally agree the SF consulate is not helpful at all. I wish I would have started it years ago back when I was saying ‘yeah, I’m gonna apply’…. only took 10 years of saying it to actually start on it!

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