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Sayonara 2016

…and that’s a wrap! Sayonara 2016! Well, 2016 is over for many of you already. Thanks to the fact that I live in Alaska, which nears the tail end of the dateline, I have a little time left. In this year that so many people are saying was just horrible. And that’s where I’d like to […]

17 Travel Instagrammers to Follow 2017

Looking for travel inspiration and ideas of which destinations to add to your 2017 travel bucketlist? Follow these 17 Instagram accounts as they travel and capture this beautiful planet! Here are a few of my favorite travel instagrammers. 17 Travel Instagrammers to Follow in 2017! @danflyingsolo Dan has been my favorite for a long time. […]

My Top 10 In Travel For 2016

Top 10 In Travel 2016. Well, my top 10 in travel that is…. I traveled a lot this year, so it was hard narrowing down what my favorites were this year. The longest I’ve been home in one go this year was 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS! This year I only visited new places! But to […]

Tajikistan Travel Guide- Everything you need to know

Tajikistan Travel Guide This post contains affiliate links. Where Carib-blue glacial lakes reflect atmosphere scraping mountains, hospitality is something of legend and where travel is just opening up.  Wild and rugged, Tajikistan is a country that attracts few adventurers, but those who dare go here are more than rewarded. If you’re looking for idyllic raw […]

I Haven’t Wrote Anything In 2 Months & IDGAF

I haven’t wrote anything in 2 months and I don’t particularly give a fuck. To catch everyone up, after nearly 100 days on the road, a complete circle of the globe, 18 flights, thousands upon thousands of kilometers… Err I mean miles (now that I’m back into this god damn country that insists to continue […]

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Chor

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Chor (4): Jizeu-Khorog I was up before 6 and out the door take photos of the Lake. Then around 7:30 I was back at the homestay having breakfast and by 8 I was back headed out of Jizeu. As I rounded the last corner before the bridge back across […]

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Se

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Se (3). Day Se: Khorog to Jizeu By 9 am we were up and headed up toward Rushan where you turn off to head up the Bartang Valley. The Bartang Highway is pretty bumpy, but the stop for the foot bridge across the Bartang River isn’t too far up […]

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Du

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Du (2). If you’re reading this one… by now I’m probly somewhere in Kazakhstan doing Borat impressions, naturally. This is continuing on after my first day of traveling from Dushanbe to Osh. If you haven’t read the first post: To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Jak, I won’t make […]

To The Pamirs And BEYOND! Day Jak

To the Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Jak (1). I’m in Bishkek everyone!  My latest accomplishment has been finishing up the Pamir Highway- the Bam-i-Dunya (which translates out to: The Roof of the World), which is the second highest highway in the world and known to be one the world’s greatest road trips. I went from Dushanbe, […]