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Travel Gear Advice

So today I’m going to tell you what gear you should he traveling with and my recommendations. And it’s fine if your seasoned and salty and don’t agree with me, that’s what comments are for.  So disagree, tell me what you like and/or hate… Comment away homies! The Adventures of Lil Nicki’s Travel Gear Advice […]

Pissin in My Own Eye

This is post 7 of 10 in the series “The not-so-glamorous side of travel” Post Series: The Not So Glamorous Side of Travel. Pissin in My Own Eye. One time Sally and I were in a bar in Pristina, Kosovo and well, I had to pee. So I got up and headed to the bathroom.  […]

6 Reasons to Love Croatia 

6 Reasons to Love Croatia. Croatia is one of the highlights of Europe in my opinion.  Here are my top 6 reasons to love Croatia. 1. The Coastline. With close to 1800 miles of coastline on the mainland, and an additional 2500 miles added by the islands, Croatia is not short in that department.  Rocky […]

Bee Stings & Pissin in Bushes

This is post 6 of 10 in the series “The not-so-glamorous side of travel” Post Series: The Not So Glamorous Side of Travel. Bee Stings & Pissin in Bushes. So…. Once upon a time I was in middle-of-nowhere, Zambia. We stopped the truck for a toilet break.  And since we were in middle-of-nowhere, Zambia we […]

5 Reasons to Love Eurail

5 Reasons to Love Eurail Every time I’ve been to Europe I’ve invested in a Eurail pass. They’re great, there’s so many options with them! If you would like to read up on if Eurail Passes are worth it, head over to Nomadic Matt here and read up on his mathematic conclusion proving that Eurail […]

3 Days in Cape Town 

3 Days in Cape Town, South Africa Itinerary. Last fall I flew to Cape Town to start a 6 week truck tour of Africa dropping me off in Zanzibar. I flew over on a mileage ticket from all the miles I’d racked up on my US Airways Dividend Miles account.  The only time I could […]

Eating My Way Across The Alaska State Fair

Eating My Way Across The Alaska State Fair. The only reason I really like the Alaska State Fair anymore is the food there. And it’s a love/hate because I love eating, but I usually eat myself into a near vomit induced food coma. So here are the foods I managed to cram in before I […]

Anchorage in a Weekend: 2 Day Itinerary

Anchorage in a Weekend A two day itinerary. Day 1 Have breakfast over at Bear’s Tooth Grill.   My favorite is the Cotija tacos. Head downtown and spend a couple hours over at the Anchorage Museum.  First floor has the imaginarium to keep the kids occupied.  The second floor has all kinds of Alaska native artifacts […]