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McMurdo Dry Valleys: Visit Mars Without Leaving Earth

What it was like to visit the McMurdo Dry Valleys. Do you guys remember back in early 2017 when I went to Antarctica with Oceanwide Expeditions? Well, you all know how I have a penchant for visiting far-flung, extremely remote, and simply the most difficult locations in the world. Oceanwide definitely delivered on this one. […]

Ya Sas from Cyprus!

Ya sas from Cyprus! It’s the end of the month so you know what that means… Time to see how many of you signed up for my emails only to get the free ebook… Let the unsubscribes begin! No, not really (whatever, it’s partially true!). It’s time to muse you with the giant mess of […]

Travel Palau On A Budget

Travel Palau on a budget Spoiler alert: Palau is not a cheap destination! However there are ways to keep costs down and visit Palau on a budget. Getting to Palau: Flight. Pretty much your only option is to fly, unless you own a sailboat or yacht, etc. Flights arrive to Koror, the capital from Guam, […]

How to Visit Sary Chelek, Kyrgyzstan

How to visit Sary Chelek Kyrgyzstan really is an up-and-coming destination. The only downside of destinations coming to prominence is that, people know about it and then you have to share the sites with them. Kyrgyzstan is still far from crowded, and it is still possible to have many corners of the country to yourself. […]

Mingalabao From Myanmar!

Mingalabao from Myanmar! Oh hey guys! If you’ve been following along on Instagram (or Facebook to a lesser degree) you probably already know I’m in hot, sticky, Myanmar traveling with my friend Treva. But I’ll give you an update as to what I was up to in September, since I clearly am not good at […]

How To Get An Afghanistan Visa

Wanna visit the Afghan Wakhan? How to get an Afghanistan visa. Wanting to trek the Afghan Wakhan and meet the extremely isolated and traditional Wakhi and Kyrgyz people scattered throughout Afghanistan’s frontier panhandle? Well, you’ll need a visa for that, probably anyways. How to get an Afghanistan visa. Note that: The whole of Afghanistan has […]

How To Camp Like A Boss

Camping doesn’t get better than this. How to Camp Like a Boss. *This post contains affiliate links. Never camped before? Looking to up your camping game? Want to create a kit for multi day treks? In this post you’ll learn the items you may want to camp like a boss. For many of the locations […]