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I’m Going Back To Tajikistan! (and Moldova too)

Just wanted to drop everyone a mid-month update to let you all know I booked my ticket last week and Tajikistan is happening again! Everyone seems so puzzled as to why I’m going back, rather than somewhere new but I think they must have missed all those photos and posts about my travel there last […]

Wanna Go To Socotra? Good Luck

Can you still go to Socotra? Let me just start of with saying- I was privileged to visit a small bit of mainland Yemen and the otherworldly island of Socotra back in 2014. I had been dying to go to Socotra by the time I made it there, as it had topped my list of […]

10 Reasons to Visit Alaska

10 Reasons to Visit Alaska Often when people announce they’re going to Alaska the first question they’re met with is: Why? Alaska doesn’t fit the bill for what most people picture on vacation, but that is part of the allure. The 49th state has rightly earned its nickname as the Last Frontier, packed with staggering mountains […]

June 2017 Roundup

June 2017 Roundup *This post contains affiliate links.  Anyways, June was busy. I visited Spencer Glacier on the Whistle Stop Train (and wrote a post on how you can do it too!), attended Chickenstock- the strange bluegrass music festival that takes place in Chicken, Alaska each year, backpacked into Reed Lakes (in the Hatcher’s Pass, […]

10 Reasons To Visit Antarctica

10 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Looking reasons to visit Antarctica? Still pristine and barely touched, Antarctica is more than barren ice covered landscapes. Unspoiled by mass tourism and beaconing you to visit its icy shores, now is a better time than ever to visit the polar continent. *I have a business relationship with Oceanwide Expeditions and traveled […]

Hitting 100K on Instagram

Hitting 100K on Instagram On Friday I hit 100K on Instagram. I mean that’s cool right? Actually it’s not as exciting as I thought it would be… Instagram, you suck now. Now don’t get ahead of yourselves, this ain’t no fuckin open letter! I bet you were getting concerned that I had been recently bashed […]