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Roundup time!

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Hi from Alaska guys, I’m finally home! After over 100 days on the road through several countries, a couple break-away territories, a few dead ends, food poisoning, gropings, roadtrips, and more- I’m home. So to cut to it, I’ll tell you about what I did this month.

Looking for the ultimate travel experience in 2018?

Click here to check out the expedition I will co-lead with Inertia Network taking us for a glimpse of the High Pamir life in Tajikistan’s Gorno Badaskhan Oblast, China’s bustling Silk Road hubs of Kashgar and Tashkurgan and onto the Karakoram Highway to Pakistan’s stunning Hunza Valley and more gems in remote Gilgit-Balistan.


I the first couple days of the month in Cyprus before heading off to Morocco. We explored the beautiful and nearly tourist-free Karpas Peninsula, I promise I’ll write about it one day soon!

Golden Beach, Cyprus, TRNC, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Karpas, Karpaz, Karpaz Peninsula, Karpas Peninsula

The most crowded stretch of Golden Beach on the Karpas Peninsula!


We didn’t get off to the best start- Marrakech easily became my least favorite place, causing me to write the Women’s Survival Guide to Marrakech. I figured the least I could do is prep you for the sexual harassment and scams you’ll likely have hurled your way in the Marrakech Medina. Things quickly began looking up when we rented a car and drove south to explore Morocco’s South Atlantic Coast and Antiatlas Mountains. Sidi Ifni and Legzira Beach were highlights of our time spent down that direction. The village of Tafroute in the Antiatlas was an easy favorite in the rocky interior. We felt that Southern Morocco was the most authentic part of our travels in the country by far.

Salem-Aleykum from #Morocco 👋🏽 . I’ve been in Morocco for about the last week trying to get in the best of and a few hidden gems before I head home! This was one of my faves: Legzira Beach, near the adorable seaside town of Sidi Ifni. Well worth the drive down the South Atlantic coast, and a sweet relief from Marrakech. The area around Sidi Ifni has a beautiful coastline and has remained a perfect little secret hideaway off the main tourist trail. Unfortunately Legzira Beach where this arch is located used to be home to a second arch, but the smaller one collapsed in the dark of night last year. . Currently I’m wrapping up a 3 day Merzouga desert tour with @kkdaytravel, so hop on over to their account and watch my takeover of their stories! . #Legzira #legzirabeach #visitmorocco #sidiifni

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Next up we took a 3-day Merzouga tour to spend the night in the Sahara Desert. Making stops in Ait Ben Haddou, The Atlas Mountains, Tinghir and Todgha Gorge on our way down to the desert. Of course stargazing under the milky way with camels was the highlight!

🐪 What’s better than sitting under billions of stars in the Sahara Desert?✨Watching meteor after meteor fly by with a camel at your side! On my recent 3-day desert adventure with @kkdaytravel we were able to experience just this. After a warm tagine at our Erg Chebbi tent camp a couple of us headed out to take photos of stars and a few others to stargaze. Eventually we were met by our lovely Berber nomad guides to join us to watch shooting stars wiz by. Then M’hamid (one of the guides) asked if we wanted to go take photos with one of the camels. Of-freakin-course we do! Although I had my doubts trying to get a camel to hold perfectly still for one of these long exposure shots of the stars, in the end camels actually made great models. They stay perfectly poised for decent amounts of time (or maybe Bob the camel was just in a good mood that night 🤷🏽‍♀️). Either way it made for some of my favorite photos I’ve ever shot. Who wants to spend a night in the Sahara? ⛺️ #sponsored . #visitmorocco #morocco #sahara #saharadesert #camel #merzouga #ergchebbi

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After finishing up the tour we went back to Marrakech to try to like the city- exploring the Bahia Palace and Ben Youssef Madrasa. Both the Palace and Madrasa were a sweet relief from the craziness in the Medina, but taking refuge in Riad Chams Marrakech and Les Jardins Le Riad Laarouss were clear highlights.

Do you love or hate Marrakech? I’ve never been a place I’ve felt so bipolar about. I had a horrible experience on arrival here in Morocco, enough to make me say Marrakech is officially the worst city in the entire world. I’m now back again trying to like this city, but the scammers, touts and disgusting harassment makes it nearly impossible, but then you round the corner into Ben Youssef Madrasa and I forgot about it for a minute, and staying at @riadchamsmarrakech made me realize there is some humanity in this city (if you ever come to Marrakech, I 100% recommend this Riad- it’s just lovely). Who wants a no-Bullshit guide to how to survive and what to avoid in Marrakech especially if you’re a woman?… I think that may be an upcoming blog post. . If you haven’t gone over and checked it out, go watch my Instagram takeover of @kkdaytravel from the 3 day Merzouga tour! #marrakech #morocco #visitmorocco #madrasa #benyoussefmadrasa #travel

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And finally the day came, I got on a plane and headed home for the first time in nearly 4 months. It’s one of the first times I’ve ever been kinda excited to go home, really. But I can’t complain too much- I was able to visit Europe and Asia on this trip and of course make it down to Africa, meaning I have visited all 7 continents in 2017. Antartica made 7 for 7 earlier this year, but Africa made all 7 in under one year. I’ll likely never be able to do that again in my life (and I’m not sure I’d want to again). Anyways, sorry for the tangent… back to Alaska. I have done literally nothing in the two weeks I’ve been home… well, adventure-wise. And I am not at all upset by that. I have, however, been working on new content from this trip and editing a stack of photos.

What to expect in December?

My first post of the month will be a travel guide to the Bartang Highway in Tajikistan! I quickly realized with how many searches land visitors on my blog looking for Bartang Valley information, that there isn’t one. There is not one single guide to the Bartang Highway out there on the internet. There are a few accounts of bicycle and 4×4 trips up it, but that’s it. So I put one all together to share with all of you researching and planning trips to Tajikistan. Another post you’ll see next month will be my best tips to help anyone planning a 3-day Merzouga tour into the Sahara Desert trip go off without hitch (I figured these all out the hard way, so you don’t have to). I’m hoping to get more out on Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Nagorno-Karabakh and Cyprus in the near-ish future.

Posts from November:

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See you in December!

…and happy all the fucking holidays. Was that PC or fucking what?

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