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Happy Leap Day! Here is what happened in February 2016

In short:

I spent almost three weeks down in the Caribbean, had to play bird nurse, celebrated my first blogiversary, and didn’t nearly get done what I had planned.

Here’s the long version

February 1 saw me headed down to Puerto Rico my first visit to a US territory. Puerto Rico was great.

I managed to visit Luquillo on the east coast of the island as well as El Yunque National Forest, before heading to an airport in Ceiba, PR to take a 10-minute flight in a puddle jumper to the small island of Culebra. Culebra was one of the highlights of the trip and a perfect little untouched gem in the Caribbean.

After lazing away on Flamenco Beach and catching distant views of St. Thomas for 3 days I headed back to Puerto Rico, where upon landing I dropped my phone and shattered the screen, go me!  Then on to one more night in the Rio Mar area and a day in Old San Juan exploring Castillo San Cristobal before catching a Carnival cruise from Old San Juan into the southern Caribbean.

How to Visit Trunk Bay on a St. Thomas cruise ship stop, Trunk Bay, St John, USVI, Virgin Islands National Park
Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI

For the next week on a cruise ship, we managed to see St. John on a short ferry hop from St. Thomas. Trunk Bay in St. John was one of my favorite spots on the whole cruise. A wildlife refuge and the beautiful Bottom Bay, as well as the home Rihanna grew up in and her new mansion in Barbados. St. Lucia was an interesting day including my fall into a sewer in the village of Anse Le Raye and me missing the shot of the Pitons I was dying to snap. St. Kitts & Nevis gave me a day to kick back and St. Maarten gave me a scalp-buzzing-by-aircraft beach day. Before I knew it the cruise was over and I was back in Old San Juan.

And before I could make it off the ship I had crossed the 20K mark on Instagram!

After arriving back in Old San Juan, and my plans to fly to St. Thomas to spend my last two days over on St. John foiled by expensive ticket prices (didn’t think about it being a holiday weekend AND Valentine’s Day). So as I stepped off the ship I booked a room at a cabin at Combate Beach down in Cabo Rojo on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, grabbed a rental car, and headed that way. Cabo Rojo was worth the 3-hour drive.

Bahia Salinas, Las Salinas, Las Salinas Salt Flats, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, US territory
Las Salinas, Cabo, Rojo, Puerto Rico

What I thought would be my last hours in Puerto Rico were spent getting scammed by my rental car company, and off to the airport. Only to be turned over to the San Juan Airport Hotel because American Airlines had moved our flight to the next morning. Bonus Day! My bonus day was spent in Isla Verde near the airport.

Overall the trip was great and has me looking forward to getting back down to the Caribbean. One day I will get around to writing posts on all the places I visited. So far I’ve only managed to write a post sharing how you can visit Trunk Bay, over on St. John on a short cruise ship stop in St. Thomas.

I had intentions to write more while I was on the trip, but I’m selfish and I decided to spend my time enjoying myself and gathering even more information to share on here rather than spending the trip writing about it.

More into the foiling of me writing about the Caribbean after I returned home was when Yoshi, my little parrot got very sick. 846 airline miles later and several trips to an awesome avian vet and he’s on the road to recovery. However, Tuesday we weren’t even sure he would make it through the night.

This also made me completely skip the whole blogiversary thing since I was having to feed Yoshi formula every 4 hours and give him antibiotics every 12 hours. I’m still barely coherent.

So on to March. Hopefully, it’s a less chaotic month.

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