Tonight I’m Paris Bound

Now before you freak out and think I’ve been abducted by aliens and replaced with an aspiring Instagram model, it’s just a layover. 24 hours to be exact.

I’ve only been to Paris one time when I was 23, near the end of my first big overseas trip (do my previous Mexico and Canada trips count as overseas?), and I was a broke-ass college student who had scrounged up enough money from my multiple part time jobs to pay for the trip… after paying my own tuition. I didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t have much fun and I didn’t even go inside the Louvre.

So in 24 hours I plan to give Paris a re-do. So anyone out there have any must-do recommendations? Of course this time I will go inside the Louvre.

Then It’s Off To Egypt

To kick off an upcoming trip I’m co-leading with Inertia Network, well actually two trips back-to-back. Finally in April I will be headed to Iran for the first time and then I will come home shortly there after.

So What Have I Done For The Last 2 Months?

Sweet fuck all… I wish.

It mostly has looked like this (when I wasn’t at work):

I’ve been working 4-5 days a week in dentistry and nights and weekends have been spent getting caught up on content and photos. I haven’t hardly even went on an adventure. In fact, since I arrived home from the DR on December 18th I haven’t taken a full day off.

My only adventure was a trip to Knik Glacier in January with friends. That’s it. So needless to say I’m really looking forward to my vacation to Iran.

Knik, Knik Glacier, Alaska, Matsu Valley, Matanuska Susitna, Ice hole
My first time in an icehole

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My Upcoming Posts

I’ve spent the last couple months writing blog posts that will publish while I’m gone that cover a variety of destinations in countries that I’ve never gotten around to sharing. So plan to see posts from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Italy, Moldova, and more!

Don’t expect to see another one of these end-of-month posts until the end of May, maybe April if you’re lucky. I likely won’t have time or the internet capability to get something together, you know because I’m a shitty blogger ?

Need Travel Insurance?

Start shopping plans over at battleface, my go-to travel insurance choice, or over at World Nomads.

2 thoughts on “Au Revoir Alaska”

  1. Carl Pietrantonio

    All right! Sounds like another great trip ahead of you. In fact, several! Thanks for all the posts yet to come! Too many days working though, from what you say. Enjoy the break from work and have a wonderful time!

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