February 2023 Update

It’s been an eternity since I’ve done one of these posts, actually nearly a year… and a lot has happened since then. 

I think the last time I sent off one of these was in April 2022 and I’d just officially started my own expedition company and I had said I was getting ready to leave for Poland. 

So to keep things short, I merely made a quick stop in Poland en route to Ukraine to work on a humanitarian project (I might talk about it later, I might not), I came home from that in June and started the process of getting divorced (don’t be worried or sad, it was the most amicable divorce in the history of the world), I ran my very first expedition under my own company to Tajikistan in July (it went well and we’re running it again in August 2023!), I indefinitely postponed my expedition to summit Peak Lenin for August and came home to Alaska to finalize the divorce (in record time, I might add) and start sorting through things and go back to work in order to stuff away as much money as possible, because…

I moved to Colorado in late September, making a road trip out of the journey hitting the Carcross Sand Dunes, Kluane National Park, Jasper National Park, and Banff National Park in Canada. I then went on to spend way too much time in Glacier National Park once I got across to Montana, meaning I ran out of time for Yellowstone and had to beeline through Wyoming to get to Denver and start work. 

In November I left to run my next trip to Iran which went from nearly sold out to only two people owing to the protests over there. On the way to Iran though, I visited Azerbaijan for a few days to explore Baku. From there it was back to Colorado to work until running a trip to Socotra in late January through February. 

Upcoming trips to join

Mazalat Pass, Fann Mountains, Fann Mountains Guide, Tajikistan
Trekking around Tajikistan, anyone?

I’m organizing a couple of more trips to Socotra for April for anyone who is still interested- though the direct flights from Abu Dhabi are sold out for April so you’ll have to fly in from Cairo with a stop on the mainland (email me for info if you are interested, I can also organize visits there year round too). 

After that, the next departure will be August 1-12, 2023 for a Fann Mountains trekking expedition in Tajikistan (I still have about 8 spots remaining on it). 

Following the Fanns the next expedition will be to the Afghan Wakhan Corridor and Zorkul August 15-September 7, 2023 for a long trek through the Great Pamir and Little Pamir. 

Aside from Expeditions what’s up Next?

I’m moving next door to Utah to go check it out a bit more here in a few days. Following the move, I’m off to Tbilisi in mid-March to go actually travel around (which I haven’t done in eons to be completely honest) in Georgia until I have to be in Socotra in April. 

Following Socotra it’s likely I’m headed off to Ethiopia for a few meetings before I head back to Utah to spend a little time there before I head back off to Central Asia (and also need to decide if I’ll be taking on that Peak Lenin summit in July).  

What I managed to publish since April last year

Upcoming posts

In the next month or so expect to see more posts from Canada, Saint Maarten, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Botswana, Azerbaijan, and beyond.

3 thoughts on “February 2023 Update”

  1. I am amazed at all your travels to the most out of the way places and descriptions of the landscape, activities, culture and history of the people and country. How do you find the time to sit down and write it all down? Everything you write is detailed and accurate. I wish I could join you on your visit to Socotra Island, Yemen and the Wakhan corridor; but I can’t being so tied down with ongoing affairs where I am now — Fountain Valley, CA. — but maybe one day. I am from Karachi originally, by the way. Have you been to Swat Valley? Malala Yusufzai’s home before the Taliban drove her out? If not, go there when it is completely peaceful. I hiked in those mountains many many years ago. Arif R.

  2. Carl Pietrantonio

    Good to see a catch-up post! I’ve had an amicable divorce and it was still a bother, to say the least. But life changes bring good as well as bad and what with your moves, sounds like you are forging ahead in many positive ways! Good!

    Not much travel for me the last year. One month in Italy then late in the year a TIA (Mini-stroke) and some attendant health issues have pretty much kept me sidelined other than short nearby road trips. I’m hoping to get cleared for international travel again soon but not buying any tickets yet! Getting old is not for the weak of heart!

    I am glad you got your own company up and running and hopefully it will become very successful! I think that style of travel is behind me now as is the backpacking, for various reasons, but good on you and have a blast while you do it! Lots of travel lined up for you and it all sounds great! Enjoy, stay safe, and let us all know how it’s going! Best of luck and have fun!

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