White Sands National Monument, White Sands, New Mexico, milky way, tent, top 10 in travel 2016

How To Camp Like A Boss

White Sands National Monument, White Sands, New Mexico, milky way, tent, top 10 in travel 2016, camp like a boss

    Camping doesn’t get better than this.

How to Camp Like a Boss.

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Never camped before? Looking to up your camping game? Want to create a kit for multi day treks? In this post you’ll learn the items you may want to camp like a boss. For many of the locations I travel to camping is a must and through trial and error I’m about to share with you my favorite camping gear so you too can camp like a boss.

1. Get a Great Tent

If you regularly follow along on my blog you’ll already know this one. I recommend the MSR Hubba NX line. These 3-season tents are as lightweight as it gets.

Other tents I’ve tried and tested and recommend is the  REI Dome. 

2. Grab a Sleeping Bag

I have two sleeping bags I recommend for different temperatures. For cooler nights down to 20°F/-7ºC I recommend the North Face Furnace. It’s very similar to the North Face Campforter that I currently use, which seems to no longer be in production.

For warmer summer nights I recommend the Backcountry Fleece.

3. Get Matted

I don’t always bring a sleeping mat when I’m doing a long distance hike in order to cut weight. But when I do I can recommend the Sea to Summit Ultralight Sleeping Pad.

4. Pull Up a Good Pillow

My top choice is the REI     . It packs up super small. If you need a little more fluff you can easily stuff a tshirt or two inside. A good alternative is to take a stuff sack and toss some of your clothes in it.

5. Light It Up With a Tiny Campstove

I use the Coleman Peak1, its tiny, lightweight and cheap. Another I’ve gotten to use and like is the MSR Pocketrocket Stove.

A campstove with rave reviews that I don’t personally care for is Jet Boil’s line up.

6. What’s Cooking?

I use the Ozark 10 piece camp cook set if I’m camping with others or the Esbit personal camp cook set if I’m going solo.

7. Dish It Up!

I’m a huge fan of collapsible bowls and cups. Try the Sea to Summit sets.

For utensils try these BPA free sporks.

8. Need a light?

Headlamps are much easier than trying to do something and hold a flashlight.

9. Don’t forget your towel.

Get one of these microfiber packable travel towels.

10. Bring a solar panel.

Wanna keep your electronic gadgets charged? I like the super lightweight Goalzero Nomad 7.

Bonus: Want easy meals?

Grab some super-simple Mountain House meals! Just add boiling water, zip the pouch closed for the defined amount of time anemic voile! Dinners ready.


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