I’m going to Antarctica

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And I figured I’d make it official and all and announce it on here.

I’ll be traveling with Oceanwide Expeditions on the M/V Ortelius. The trip will last a month and cross from Bluff, New Zealand to Ushuaia, Argentina via the Ross Sea!

*I will be an independent press & media representative onboard Oceanwide Expeditions´ vessel M/V Ortelius sailing South to the Ross Sea. Follow my travel blog as I visit the Ross Sea & Antarctica. And just like normal, my colorful opinions are all my own, and we all know how brutal they can be.

But first, on January 21st I’ll be headed to Australia, location still to be determined. Really, suggestions here, please! I’m fully aware that a week in Australia isn’t enough but that’s what I got! 

From there I’ll go to Auckland and make my way down to Bluff over the course of a couple of weeks… then it’s Antarctica time! This trip will also knock out my visits to my 6th and 7th continent.

Back to Antarctica…

I’ll be on a 32-day expedition crossing the Ross, Amundsen, and Bellingshausen Seas with what looks to be an awesome itinerary.

A few highlights will include the Ross Ice Shelf, the Antarctic Peninsula, penguins, penguins, and did I mention PENGUINS? I’m obsessed with penguins, true story.

Clearly, you can tell I’m trying to hide all my wild excitement, especially about all the penguins. Naturally, I’ll be going on this trip locked and loaded with more photography gear than my puny body wants to really carry. That telephoto lens of mine is going to see the most action it has had since I brought it to the Galapagos back in June 2016.

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What will Antarctica be like?


Realistically I don’t know other than, you know, cold. I’m guessing Alaska-esque, just colder, and different wildlife. The one plus here is that I do have all of the necessary gear being from the Arctic.

What will the expedition cruise be like? I don’t know. From what I’ve seen so far it sounds amazing, but only time will tell. I’m hoping it’s great.

So as you probably guessed it I’m beyond excited to head off to Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and Argentina.

Of course, it’s not to late to book an Antarctica expedition for this season, go check out Oceanwide Expeditions to see different itineraries. It’s also never too early to start planning either! This is very obviously one hell of a way to kick off 2017.

Need Travel Insurance for Antarctica?

Start shopping plans over at battleface, my go-to travel insurance choice, or over at World Nomads.

4 thoughts on “I’m going to Antarctica!”

  1. Oh, is it for real? Always wanted to go to the south of our planet. So looking forward to seeing it through your photographs. Don’t miss a plunge in the chilly waters 😉

  2. I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to go there, but it seems really expensive! Can’t wait to see your pictures!

    1. I’ve been told that usually your best bet to save lots of $$$ is to head to Ushuaia with a flexible amount of time and then go around to different operators and haggle. Sometimes the cruise companies will have sales online too that you can keep an eye out for. I know Oceanwide had a bunch last month 🙂

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