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January 2016

Happy New Year everyone, we’re one month down. I don’t know what happened with the last 31 days but it’s already over… Tomorrow night I’ll be jumping on a plane making my way to Puerto Rico, ready for some sunlight for a change.

As for what happened in January

First off, the biggest thing to happen here was being published in National Geographic! The name of the article is ‘ I heart my city: Anchorage‘.  Aside from having an interview with me published on a major site, it also has opened a few doors up here regarding Alaska travel.

The next exciting thing was one of my photos from the Mendenhall Glacier Ice Cave was selected by Lonely Planet and featured as their #lpfanphoto of the week.

The one trip I did this month was a last-minute weekend in Juneau, Alaska where I took the above-mentioned picture. Juneau was a good time, and it’s on the list of places to revisit.

We got nailed with a big aurora storm the morning of January 20th where I took only a couple hundred shots.

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Tay and I have better planned out the South America leg of my upcoming round the world trip. Looks like we’ll kick it off in Bolivia and make way to Peru where she will have to head back to Colorado for the summer semester at her university.

From there, Grant will meet me where we will head to Ecuador and visit the Galapagos. You all know how I feel about islands with extreme numbers of endemic species.

….and that’s mostly it.  Here is your list of links!

So that’s it everyone 

Thanks for reading and you’ll hear from me next month from the Caribbean!

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1 thought on “January 2016”

  1. Wow. What a shit hot month, great work and thanks for the cheeky little mention… I actually have done the same for you today before I even saw this (no c-jerking I swear :P)

    YAY! Excited to follow your big trip. Safe travels x

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