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July 2017 Roundup

Oh hey guys! If you guys didn’t catch that post from a couple weeks ago, I’m in Moldova right now- just arrived a couple hours ago if all my flights have gone according to plan (yes, I wrote this just before I left home). In a couple days I’ll be headed to Khujand, Tajikistan. But back to the point, let’s talk about July!

I was at home in Alaska in July until the 30th. I mostly worked my day job, cranked out some posts that will be coming up on my blog while I’m traveling the ass end of nowhere, went on a few really long hikes, and got everything prepped and ready to go for this trip! So I’ll skip over the boring stuff and talk about the exciting stuff- the hikes I did this month.

I did three hikes this month and all of them are ones I’ve never done before.

First up was Exit Glacier and Harding Icefield just outside Seward. Can you believe that I’ve lived in Alaska my entire life and had never been here? I think this is probably one of the most popular places tourists come to visit.

The same weekend we hiked into Lost Lake just a little further out of Seward and camped out there.

Then just last weekend we hiked up K’esugi Ridge. Just a word of warning, don’t do it in two days as we did: It was miserable! We did get lucky and had perfect weather the first day with not a cloud in the sky and clear views of Denali.

Alaska travel guide, Denali, Alaska, Kesugi Ridge, Kesugi Alaska, K'esugi, Alaska Range

What Stuff I Recommend to Buy:

I’ve purchased some new shit this month in preparation for my trip and have been testing it out before I left home.

Osprey Daylight Plus

I bought a daypack, finally! The Daylight Plus by Osprey is pretty handy because it attaches to several of Osprey’s other models of packs, like my Aura 65L.

Goalzero Nomad 7

I did a ton of research and found a new solar panel. I ultimately went with the Goalzero Nomad 7 because it’s super lightweight and attaches easily to my pack while I’m out hiking. It is suuuuper slow since the output is so little on it, but it does the job.

Canon EF-M 15-45mm lens

I broke down and bought a mirrorless lens to use with my mirrorless camera, the Canon M3. It’s tiny and has a decent enough zoom range to be a good option for my carrying around cities when I don’t want to bring my giant 5DSR with me.

Joby Gorillapod Focus Tripod

Another update to my photography kit. I went ahead and tossed my MeFoto to the side (it’s great, just super heavy!) and got the Gorillapod for travel. It only weighs a pound not including the ball head mount which makes a huge difference for me living out of a backpack in the mountains for days on end.

Osprey 3L Reservoir

I have backpacked all over and have always had a cheap $10 reservoir for my pack. Lesson learned, just spend $30 more for the nice one, and it even has a magnet to attach the mouthpiece to your chest buckle.

Lifeproof iPhone Case

I am destructive.

What I published this month:

I also put up some photos on my destination pages for Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. One day I’m going to get around to writing posts on them I promise!


Guest Posts this month:

What’s Coming in August?

I’ll try to update you all on the happenings on this trip through Moldova, Tajikistan, and beyond. The remaining parts 3 through 6 of the ‘One Week in Alaska’ series will trickle out over the month and at the end of August, I’ll begin my 4 part series on how to shoot the aurora. See ya next month!

~Nicole xx

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