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It’s The End Of July…

I’ve been working like the front side of a mullet this month. All the business in the front and almost no party in the rear.

Meaning that I was working 40 hour weeks (except the week of 4th of July which I’m happy for because it hit 91°F in Anchorage and I thought we were gonna melt) cleaning dirty teeth, catching up on writing a shit ton of blog posts (meaning that I was furiously typing away on my site between patients while at work) that you’ll see while I’m away, and a few side projects away from all that.

Which leads me to a couple of the projects…

Oman, Oman tour

I’ve Launched Two New Trips With Inertia Network

The first will be from November 25 – December 6 in Oman and the second will run December 8-22 in Northern Pakistan.Oman Rub al Khali & Dhofar Tour

(Novmeber 25 – December 6, 2019)

After my awesome trip through Oman in 2016, I’ve decided to partner up with Inertia to run a small group trip through Oman’s rugged coastline to Wadi Shab & Bimmah, to cross dunes in the epic Wahiba Sands and coastal Sugar Dunes to the lush Dhofar Region to explore ancient Frankincense trading routes, and finally onto the desolate Empty Quarter.

I am beyond excited for this tour because it really takes you off the main tourist route in Oman, plus Oman is all around one of my most favorite trips I’ve done to date.

This one is limited to only 10 participants and there are already a few spots taken. Trip price is $3,190 per person. Click here for more info, to sign up, or at least get on the update list.

Chawmos Tour, Pakistan tour, chawmos, pakistan, kalash, kalasha, kalash festival

Chawmos & Northern Pakistan Tour

(December 8-22, 2019)

Much to my expectation I instantly fell in love with Pakistan as soon as I stepped foot into the country, so my return to co-host a tour to the north to ring in the Kalash New Year is one I’m giddily looking forward to.

This trip will take you to explore Lahore and onto visit the bazaar town of Peshawar before heading to Islamabad to catch a flight to Chitral where the Chawmos Fesitval kicks-off to being in the New Year Kalash style. After a few days of celebrating this traditional holiday well move on to Ghizar and Gilgit to trek and take in the epic Karakoram Mountain sceneries of Northern Pakistan before heading back down to Islamabad to wrap up an epic trip.

This trip has a maximum of 12 participants. The trip price is set at $3690 per person. Click here to read more details or sign up.

Camping Williwaw Lakes, Camping Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska, Church State Park

But Back To Alaska In July…

New things I did? Well, the only new one was doing the Williwaw Lakes hike, during the Anchorage in the 90°’s-forest fire smoke-laden 4th of July weekend.

I had other new plans on the books but none came to fruition mostly because I was limited to two day trips and got rained out on most of them, but you can expect a trip report on Williwaw later this fall.

Denali Highway, Alaska-6

Posts I Wrote In July

Bachor, Bachor Mountain Lakes, Tajikistan, Pamirs, GBAO, Badakhshan, Gorno Badakhshan, Pamir, Pamir Mountains

What’s Happening In August?

On the 5th I’m off to Central Asia again this year. This time I’ll be working with USAID on a project in Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan for a couple of weeks, and you can subsequently expect to see those two countries dominate my blog posts in August.

Once the project wraps up I’m bound for Tajikistan to max out at least one e-visa in the country. This time my friend Dan from will be joining me to trek in the ice-capped peaks of Tajikistan (though if you ask Dan I’m sure he’ll tell you I’m trying to effectively kill him, though a lured him into going with the promise of sheep and goats along the trail).

I’ve got ambitious plans to reach a few parts of Tajikistan I haven’t toed into yet, like: Yagnob Valley, the Karategin/Rasht Valley, and Fedchenko Glacier, and then of course plans to return to the Fanns to try out some new routes, and to visit friends in Khorog and Murghab. Will all this happen? Definitely not, because I get sidetracked and spend far too much time than I’ve budgeted in each place.

So don’t expect to see one of these end of the month posts until October (I’m planning to be back in early October) unless I have two seconds of free time and can put one together (most likely not). But don’t worry I’ll keep everyone filled in on the chaos that’s about to ensue.

Burana, Burana Tower, Bishkek day trips, Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide, Kyrgyzstan
Burana Tower, Kyrgyzstan

What To Expect To See In August & September

As always I’ve got a million ideas and not enough time to write them down into coherent digestible for the internet posts. Despite having no free time I’ve managed to make sure my website doesn’t go completely abandoned while I’m gone. You can expect to see Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan posts all throughout August. In September plan to see posts from Alaska, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq before I unleash a Tajikistravaganza of posts in October.

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