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March came and went. I only managed to write 4 posts this month… Yeah, I was slacking. Oh well, can’t go back and change it now!

Pretty much blog-wise all I did was write about a sliver of my trip in Puerto Rico’s Cabo Rojo, whine about the arduous visa application for Central Asia, trash-talk a scammy car rental, and review the Scrubba Washbag (I love mine, by the way).

To give you a follow up:

I did get approved and I officially have a Bolivian visa. The website is a pain in the arse… maybe I’ll give you all a guide to it. I guess you can get a visa on arrival at main border crossings and at the La Paz airport, but there is no official notice on that, and I didn’t want to risk flying all the way there, suffer a bout of bad luck, and get shipped back home.

Scrubba wash bag review, scrubba

The review of the Scrubba Washbag went quite well, it was fun taking it out and shooting the photos. I will be traveling with it long-term. And I will soon be reviewing another of their products.

In other news:

I’m off to White Sands National Monument Friday night for a weekend camping trip. So get ready for some photos out of there.

Tay and I have our tickets to Bolivia. I head to Colorado on May 18 to meet her and on May 19 we’re on our way to Bolivia. We also have reserved our Machu Picchu and Huaynapicchu tickets. Still gotta figure out the rest. Grant will be meeting me in the Galapagos in mid-June.

And here is the big change of plans:

Summer in Alaska is awesome. So I will be flying home from the Galapagos in late June or early July to run around up here until late August where I will continue my trip around the world to the ‘Stans. I was supposed to head to Europe for the summer, but have decided to try and move that chunk to winter. I’ve never spent any time in Europe in the winter and would like to be there in a different season for a change.

Tuesday night I gave a presentation on my travel in Yemen to the Alaskan Prospectors Society. I have not given any sort of presentation since I finished college 5 years ago, so it was a little rocky but I survived. Plus it was a nice chance to go through my old photos from there. And it makes me sad to know what’s happening there now and grateful that I did get to go there. I still can’t believe I went.

And that’s about it.

Hopefully, I can write more in April!

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