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May 2017

I’m gonna keep this round up super short. I spent most this last month working on getting blog posts out and working my day job. I did absolutely zero travel. None.

Went on a handful of day hikes and that was it. Also, in case anyone cares I wanted to tell you all that I chopped my hair off last week. I know this has nothing to do with travel or my website but I think that accounts for about a 20lb weight loss.

The most exciting thing that happened around here was the release of my first ebook: ‘Beyond The Beaten Path‘. If you haven’t subscribed to my email newsletter that comes out maybe 1-2 times* per month then subscribe and I’ll send you your free copy of the ebook! If you’ve been subscribed in the past you’ve already received it in your inbox.

*I’m not one of those advantageous and annoying bloggers that send out an email daily… man, I unsubscribe from that shit too. 

As for the posts I published this month

How to get a Denali Road Lottery Permit: THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO ENTER! The deadline is midnight Alaska Time tonight. If you want to visit Denali and self-drive, save this post.

The Pamir Highway Travel Guide: if you want to visit the Pamirs, the GBAO region of Tajikistan, or travel the Pamir Highway you must read this guide (or print it and bring it with you!)

Travel Alaska On A Budget: Traveling in Alaska is usually fucking expensive, but if you’re willing to rough it a little and do it yourself you can get away with an affordable trip.

That One Time I Went To Sana’a, Yemen: Most thought I was crazy, some thought it was suicide. I went and I lived to tell about it. Man am I glad I took the opportunity to visit the country while I had the chance.

The Worst Travel Day Ever: Ok, it could’ve been worse, I mean no one died. I did, however, get in a train wreck, lose a tooth and faint on a filthy bus station floor all in one day. It’s a glamorous life.

Free Things to do in Anchorage: This is a re-release of a post I published in 2015, but it’s been updated! For those of you wanting to stay on a budget visiting Alaska, this is a helpful list of things to do.

My Travel Photography Gear: Another updated post from 2016. I changed it up a little and recommended which solar charger to absolutely not purchase. You know because I purchased it and it’s a complete piece of shit.

How to score a cheap Galapagos Cruise: Man the Galapagos is expensive, which shouldn’t come by surprise as it’s super isolated. But if you follow these steps you can get on a cruise of the famed islands and explore for less!

How to get to the Mendenhall Ice Caves: I’ve been in a few ice caves since my visit to Mendenhall Glacier, and while they’re all beautiful and amazing in their own right none of them have been as grand and impressive as Mendenhall Ice Cave. See it before it’s gone, at your own risk of course.

Tips for the perfect visit to Machu Picchu: Machu Picchu is amazing, but if you want to enhance your visit even further follow these tips to make that trip the trip of a lifetime.

New products I found this month

The Trtl Pillow

The Trtl pillow is a handy travel pillow that folds up nice and small but provides super comfortable neck support for those naps you wanna get in on trains and planes and more.

And that’s a wrap. Hopefully, June is a more exciting month. So far I have two short trips planned. One on the Whistle Stop Train to Spencer Glacier and the other to Chicken, Alaska so we’ll see what happens….

Thanks for reading and of course you can follow me on all the stupid social medias if you dare.

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