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November 2015

One the first years in a while that was actually home and worked! Both dentists I work for are from the Midwest… Wisconsin and Minnesota to be exact. November is deer hunting season in those parts, but this year one decided not to go.

So what I’m getting at is, usually November is a travel month for me. And honestly, I wish it had been… Alaska weather has been shit, winter would normally be in full swing by now, and it’s been hovering around 40°F.

The only things worth mentioning that happened this month are, one hell of an auroral storm hit us at the beginning of the month, and my best friend Tay came back to AK to visit. Oh and I’ll add that another strong solar flare is supposed to hit December 5-8… Let’s hope that clouds clear out.

If you live in near-Arctic latitudes go check out the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institutes website- they have an awesome auroral forecast.

They don’t only include Alaska, they also show where on a map to view them all over the world… Even you in the Southern Hemisphere that get to see the aurora Australias. FYI this year is near the peak of the 11 year auroral cycle… So if you were hoping to plan a trip to the Arctic this is the year. GO!

Tay and I had some adventure ideas for the week she was here… But those were ruined by shitty weather. The first morning she was here I woke up to 8 inches of snow and by two days later it was melted and the Avalanche advisories for most areas around Anchorage cropped up. So mostly it was some hanging out and trying to plan the first leg of my trip around the world, where Tay and I go to Central America.

I’ve never mentioned here that I am absolutely terrified to visit central and South America for unexplainable reasons. Tay is essentially making me go. I’m sure I’ll like it there once I arrive, but man why am I scared of it there?

I was in Yemen a while back and it was labeled as being nearly a war zone. I went to Moldova and Ukraine after being warned especially as a solo female to not go. I’m scared of weird shit, and I’m not scared by shit that I should be scared of. WHY?!?! WHY???!!!!

This is also coming from the girl that as a gymnast was absolutely terrified of doing a pirouette on a balance beam, but would get up on that same balance beam and do a standing back tuck (backflip from a standstill) and a side aerial (a cartwheel with no hands… Yes another type of flip) without thinking twice.

So being unbothered about visiting the Middle East and Africa but terrified to go to Latin America should come as I surprise. And in case you’re confused I speaking of flips that start on the beam and you land on it… Not talking about dismounts.

So I’ll close that with: I leave for my year-long trip in now, less than 6 months. And I head to Puerto Rico in almost exactly 2 months.

Aside from that Tay and I did make it out to the inlet near her parents’ house to go check out the giant chunks of ice.

So that’s about it for November. So I’ll just leave you with the links to everything I wrote this month, bye November.  And then I guess we’ll see each other in December.

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