October 2015

Happy Halloween people.

Or if you don’t celebrate anything fun then…uh…Happy….day.

October is probably over for most of you, but for me, we got a few more hours since I’m in one of the last time zones.

So what happened in October?


I was in Las Vegas, then in Maui, got to see one of my favorite friends/couple get married and then made it back home, I turned 29 on the 17th, and I’m sure some other stuff happened but I can’t think of it at the moment.

As far as my blog goes, nothing too exciting happened.  I wrote a few posts.  I still need to finish writing stuff about what we did in Maui but haven’t gotten around to it.  My Facebook following is still not great, I’m actually shocked that 150-odd people follow me on Pinterest (hardly ever get on there), Twitter just does its thing auto posting and rarely go on there and write anything, but Instagram you’re doing so awesome.  Then I was interviewed by Laura over at Something In Her Ramblings on my Solo Travels In Yemen.  Laura does a weekly feature on her blog on women who travel solo.  I also made Sonal and Sandro’s list on their blog, Drifter Planet on the 55 Best Islands In The World.

I had made it a goal to get 2000 followers on my Instagram, but came in today at over 3000.  Even after I unfollowed nearly 1000 people that I had guilt-followed-back.  I wasn’t gaming anything, I just couldn’t keep track of everything and I refused to look at my newsfeed any longer because having 2000 followers is daunting.  So I went on a process of elimination and if I clicked on an account and wasn’t interested in the photos, well, bye-felicia.  So now I have a manageable amount of people I follow and I now look through my newsfeed again.  I missed looking at other photos.  It’s nice to be back there and not seeing selfie, selfie, selfie, baby, selfie, dog, travel pic, selfie, selfie.  I was just being too nice in the beginning and just following people back.  Big mistake.

Anyways long story short- unfollowing a bunch of people that disinterest you lead them to becoming butt-hurt and unfollowing you.  Oh and you travel bloggers out there crack me up.  (Not all of you, some of you are awesome).  But there is one girl in particular that follows me multiple times a day, I see it on my newsfeed (and since I’m an adult I won’t tell everyone her name, mostly because I don’t wanna look like an asshole).  So obviously she follows droves of people and unfollows them all several times per day.  Girl, you need a hobby.

So what’s up in November?  I don’t know, but we’ll find out.  My bestest friend Tay will be here towards the end of the month to visit so we’re already trying to plan some adventures.

Alright so here’s my list guys, of shit that I wrote this month

maui, hawaii, milky way

Travel and Travel/Photo Advice:

How To Shoot The Stars

Alaska Shit:

Free Places To Ski & Snowboard Near Anchorage

Las Vegas stuff:

5 Places To Get Off The Las Vegas Strip

Ok, that’s all I got in October, see you in November!

And if you want to know something or have a question…Just ask! adventuresoflilnicki @ gmail.com

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