Yashilkul, Tajikistan, Badashan

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Shest

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Shest (6): Langar-Bulunkul-Alichur.

sheep, Wakhan, Tajikistan, Badakshan

Morning traffic in the Wakhan.

Today we headed left Langar and began leaving the Wakhan Valley.

Wakhan, Tajikistan, Badakshan

Saying goodbye to the Wakhan Valley.

We passed a small waterfall and made a kajillion stops on the way out cause it was just that pretty.

Wakhan, Tajikistan, Badashan

Tajikistan, Wakhan, Badashan

And stops like this too!

But of course, I could’t the Wakhan without getting into the Pamir River, the natural border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Standing in the Pamir River!

We started to gain altitude as we went up into the Khargush Pass where I had planned to spend a night in Bulun-Kul, but Horsand talked me into going a little further to Alichur for the night, he said it was a little nicer.

Khargush Pass, Tajikistan, Pamir Highway

All up in Khargush Pass

Khargush Pass is where you leave to Wakhan Valley for the Pamir Highway. Of course on your way up you have nice views down into the valley. As you climb into the pass you come into a couple mirror-like lakes and then some weird, vast desert landscapes. It kinda makes me feel like I’m on another planet looking at the photos.

Khargush Pass, Pamir, Tajikistan

After the Pass we drove past Sassy-kul (the stinky lake) on our way to Bulun-Kul.

Sassy-kul, Tajikistan, Badakshan


Bulun-kul is pretty small,just the lake and nothing more than a few scattered houses off to the side of the lake. I took about an hour to circle around Bulun-Kul.

Bulunkul, Tajikistan, Badakshan


The word is is that Balun-Kul is normally like glass in the mornings so if you get there early enough you’ll have a big mirror of the sky in it.

Nearby is the bigger Yashilkul (green lake), I decided that since I was over there I may as well go see it. Most of what I had read had talked about Bulun-kul being the more impressive of the two. I actually thought Yashil-kul was more scenic.

Not long after leaving Yashil-kul and heading back out into the Pamir Highway we were in Alichur.

Yashilkul, Tajikistan, Badashan


Alichur is a village off the side of the road up in the high desert, just off the shore of the Alichur River. Alichur kind of looks like the village Luke lived in on Tatooine in Star Wars.

Alichur, Tajikistan, Badakshan


I spent the late afternoon walking around the little village and meeting kids riding bicycles around.

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