I'm going to Antarctica

Preparing for Antarctica

Preparing for Antarctica.

I'm going to Antarctica

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Hi, my names is Nicole and I hate packing.

Yet, here I am going to Antarctica where you probably would pack more than anywhere else you’d visit. At least I live in Alaska so I already own most any component you’d need to survive in sub zero temperatures.

Tomorrow I embark on a 32 day voyage from Bluff, New Zealand across the Ross Sea to the Ross Ice Shelf, many an island, The Antarctic Peninsula, Drake Passage and several research stations with Oceanwide Expeditions. And what I’m going to talk about today is what shit I’m lugging around down there with me. Afterwards I’ll tell you how it went and what I’s change.

*I have a business relationship with Oceanwide Expeditions and will travel onboard the M/V Ortelius sailing South to the Ross Sea and Antarctica as an independent press & media representative. Follow my travel blog as I visit the Ross Sea & Antarctica.

Camera gear:

I’m bringing all my normal stuff, except with one change. I was given a Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera body as a gift, so I’ll bringing that instead of the 600D. Read up or watch the video on my travel photography gear.


I’m bringing my good old Oakley Gretchen Bleiler Jacket that I wear most the winter long at home and my Volcom snowpants. I’ll look straight out of the 80’s like usual. I am a bit of a beanie lover so I have quite a few to choose from to bring with, including my new ‘messy bun beanie’ for the gigantic ball of hair that I can tie up on top of my head. For gloves I’ll bring my weird wool ones that the fingers all flap back off of and people just seem to be mesmerized by and my waterproof mittens I snowboard in. Then of course I’m a self-proclaimed scarf whore, so they sky’s the limit.


Thankfully Oceanwide Expeditions provides rubber boots for their expeditions on the Ortelius! It saves me a ton of weight, as I do have a really nice pair of insulated muck boots (yes, I’m an Alaskan who doesn’t have a pair of Xtra Tufs. A true rarity.) and I do not want to carry them as they weigh nearly a metric ton. The last epic adventure I went on I only carried two shoes with me: my Merell hiking boots and my Crocs (no not the ugly clog ones, but a cute pair that look like ballet flats). I usually only bring 2 pairs with me and that’s it. But this trip, this trip is different. I’m also bringing my Sorels, don’t worry their small and not clonky.


Normally I only pack a dress, a legging, an elephant pant, one pair of shorts, two t-shirts, two tank tops, 1 pair of undies, 2 hiking socks, 2 normal socks, two sports bra, a normal bra, a hoodie and two bikinis. That is it! Of course if I’m going somewhere on the chilly side I’ll pack a long sleeve shirt.

But this time layers are key, and the fact that it’s summer in the southern hemisphere as thrown a wrench in my plans. I’m packing for summer, eternal winter (although technically summer), summer.

For this trip I opted to bring long sleeve tops, leggings, sweatpants, a couple hoodies and some undies. In addition to this I’ll be lugging around the summer clothing that I needed for Australia & New Zealand, and of course a swimsuit for that polar plunge.

Other Stuff:

Most importantly I’m bringing my Delrome Inreach yet again so that I can keep in touch with people while I set sail into the wide open abyss. Otherwise there is internet aboard the Ortelius but from what I understand it’s painfully slow, think like 1995 speeds… Not conducive to me getting any online work done on here… Don’t worry I’m writing up posts that will release on here while I’m away to keep everyone occupied.

So there it is. I’m sure it’ll be entertaining comparing what I’m bringing to what I think I should’ve brought after I get off the ship.

See you when I make to Ushuaia!

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