September 2015

I wrote this before I left Alaska, but as of when this posts I will currently be in Vegas, and then in another 6 days I’ll be in Maui.

So as for what I’ve done in September…

Kantishna, Denali Park Road, Denali National Park Road, Denali, Denali National Park, Alaska
Me at the end of the Denali Park Road in 2015 during the Denali Road Lottery


Not as busy of a month in the travel department. A few hikes around Eagle River mostly (I did even get to a new one). I did have plans to spend a weekend out in Eureka camping, but that fell through due to shit weather.

My biggest travel was to Denali National Park for the Denali Road Lottery with my parents. They won a lottery permit, so naturally, I invited myself.

Late last night I hopped on a plane to Vegas for Grant’s roller hockey tournament. So I will be in this ridiculous city until the 5th when I fly to Maui for my friend, Sally’s wedding.

As you can tell, I’m not a huge fan of Las Vegas. The city is too busy for me these days.

The Blog

I set a challenge for myself and have made a new post every day this month! It’s a ton of work. I had made that a goal for the month of September. However this next month I don’t think I will be posting every single day, but still pretty often.

Social Media

I made an Instagram account for the blog, you can visit it by clicking here. I made it my goal to by the end of the month gain 1000 followers (I didn’t think I’d be able to do it), but I crossed that threshold in about two weeks.

As it sits (on September 27 as I write this) I have 1344 followers on it. Not half bad I think.

I try to post morning and night every day (on weekends I post an additional time in the middle of the day). The only crappy part is that Instagram doesn’t bring much traffic to your blog.


Today marks the 30th and last post for September. Sweet release! Man what a lot of typing and mulling ideas around.

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What to do? What to do?

I gained 10 additional pounds writing this.

In Other News…:

And didn’t get my head blown off.

My trip to this awesome park in Borneo back in 2013.

I have been here far too many times to enjoy it any longer.

Things to do.

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Ok that’s all I got for you guys for September

Join me in October to see what happens, and ps it’s my birthday month!

I’d also love to know and hear from you guys on anything you’d like me to write about in October! Don’t hesitate to email me

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