Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pamir highway, Darvaz to Khorog,khorog

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Du

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Du (2).

If you’re reading this one… by now I’m probly somewhere in Kazakhstan doing Borat impressions, naturally.

This is continuing on after my first day of traveling from Dushanbe to Osh. If you haven’t read the first post: To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Jak, I won’t make it to what’s actually considered the Pamir Highway until about Day 5, so deal, okay?

Day Du (2): Darvaz to Khorog.

We got an early start in Darvaz, taking off by 7:30 that morning. The drive on Day 2 hugged the Panj River- the narrow separation between Tajikistan and Afghanistan all the way to Khorog.

Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pamir highway, Darvaz to Khorog,khorog

On the left: Tajikistan, on your right: Afghanistan.

Pretty much the day consisted of stopping along whenever we came to a scenic spot. Which was literally every few kilometers until we hit Khorog.

We made it to Khorog by 12:30 and went and grabbed some plov at Horsand’s number two restaurant choice because his fave restaurant had just ran out of plov. After lunch we headed over to Hotel LAL where I grabbed a private room for the night for 395 TJS (~$50).

Hotel Lal, Tajikistan, Khorog

Lounge area, Hotel Lal.

They have shared rooms as well for less, but have I ever mentioned that I love having my own bathroom? I love having my own bathroom, I can deal if I have to share buuuut some times you gotta treat yo self, right?
By this point I had decided I’d continue along with Horsand for the remainder of the drive, he’d passed the test! He wasn’t a creep and was such a fun, happy guy. The next day we made plans for him to come pick me up at 9am to bring me up the Bartang Valley where I’d hike to the village of Jizeu for one night and then hike back the following morning.

Garden, Khorog, Tajikistan

A neat hanging garden in Khorog.

The rest of the day I spent wandering around Khorog. I liked Khorog, it’s a nice place to kick back after the long drive.

I made my way down to the bazaar, then went searching for the PECTA office (Pamir Eco Tourism Association), which I would find out after not too long is actually in the Central Park.

Khorog, Tajikistan

Central Park.

Khorog’s Central Park is quite nice. There’s plenty of big trees around to shade you from the sun and it stretches all the way to the Ghunt River.

I ran into PECTA and left a note on their message board, looking for anyone else that may want to join me up the Pamir Highway in a couple days. Then I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon in the park and met several Pamiris. Have I mentioned that Pamiris are the nicest people in the world? They are.

Khorog, Tajikistan, Ghunt River

The Ghunt River.

Next up: To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Se (3).

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