To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Se

By Nicole

To The Pamirs and BEYOND! Day Se (3).

Day Se: Khorog to Jizeu

By 9 am we were up and headed up toward Rushan where you turn off to head up the Bartang Valley.

The Bartang Highway is pretty bumpy, but the stop for the foot bridge across the Bartang River isn’t too far up the Highway. I was at the bridge and starting my hike by 11:15am.

Pamir highway, Jizeu, Tajikistan

*Just a side note: Previous posts I had read before I went talk about the river crossing being on a hand tram sort of contraption and to not cross the foot bridge because it leads to the abandoned village of Red. There is now a foot bridge that crosses the river. Once you cross the bridge painted on one of the rocks says Jizeu- this is the start of the trail.

All in all the hike up to Jizeu took me 2.5 hours with all my stops for photos. I had read about the hike before departing that had said it was pretty hard and steep.

Jizeu, Tajikistan, Pamir highway
On the hike

Maybe it’s that I was acclimized to pretty high elevations at this point, and maybe it was the fact that I had spent the previous couple of weeks in the Fann Mountains completing an over 40 mile trek… I didn’t think this hike was too intense. It’s a gradual incline with a pretty well marked path. There are a couple steep spots, but they are short. And the trail leads across loose shale, but overall not too tricky in my opinion. I by no means consider myself a hardcore hiker/trekker or mountaineer or alpinist by any means but if you’ve spent time getting yourself adjusted to the elevation it isn’t too difficult to get to the village. I can’t say for the hiking that goes far beyond (some people do a multi day trek past here, I did not.)

I reached the lower village by 1:45 in the afternoon and was immediately invited to Homestay Lola for the night and was fed a yummy Kurutob and some fresh apricots for lunch.

Jizeu, Tajikistan, Pamir highway
Ok, ok… I forgot to take a lunch pic, this is actually dinner.

After lunch I headed further up along the lake and up the river. I’m so glad I decided to make the Jizeu side trip, it’s totally worth it. It’s a really picturesque stop to make, and a lot less strenuous of a trek than what I did to get to some of the scenery in the Fanns… And I’m not even complaining about that.

Jizeu, Tajikistan, Pamir highway

I spent the evening with the family that ran the homestay and we all had dinner together.

Jizeu, Tajikistan, Pamir highway

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