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My Travel Resources

After seven years of near-constant international travel to all seven continents and countless countries I’ve managed to figure out the best travel resources to globe trot the world for longer, cheaper and better and I want to share these secrets with you all!

*Note that some of the following links are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase a flight, accommodation, tour, gadget, gear item etc. through one of these links I will get a commission to help offset the cost of running this blog at no additional cost to you. Whether I receive a commission from a link on here or not these are all companies I have used and trust.



Easy to find the cheapest deals, plus I haven’t decided if that ‘Everywhere’ destination option is helpful or dangerous… Ok, well genius on Skyscanner’s part.


Trusted travel search engine. Good for hotels, cruises, car rental, vacation packages and more.


Another trusted travel search engine offering much beyond flights.

Qatar Airways

Not always the cheapest, but damn is Qatar Airways nice. Qatar is one of my favorite airlines to fly with.



Find rock bottom hotel, hostel, guesthouse and B&B deals here. They have an extensive network of hotels they book in Asia, but can be used worldwide. Agoda is by and far my go-to accommodation booking site. They also have a handy app.


I’ve always had good experiences with AirBnb and had great hosts. If you sign up using my link above you get $20 off your first booking!


Great network of hotels worldwide.

Hostel World

A go to for finding super cheap hostel accommodations.

Trip Advisor

Yep, Trip Advisor books hotels too. Neat huh?


Couchsurfing is a great way to find cheap accommodations and meet locals. I have Couchsurfed all over the world and had nothing but good experiences. I have also made friends that I will most likely have forever through this service.


Africa Travel Co

This is the first company I booked an overloading style trip with. I was anti-tour before this trip and boy did Africa Travel Co change my mind. I had a fabulous time and made friends that I miss so so much.


A well known overloading company offering trips worldwide.

G Adventures

Another name that’s been in the game for a long time. Also offers trips worldwide.


A tour search engine. You can find most everything anywhere conveniently located on here.

Land Transportation:


Especially if you are under 26 years old, these guys’ passes can really help you save if you play your cards right.

Rail Europe

Website offering European rail services as well as access to rail passes.


An insanely extensive and detailed information for traveling all over the world my train or overland.

Auto Europe

Company offering good deals on car rentals all over the world.

Polar Cruises

Oceanwide Expeditions

I cruised with Oceanwide to Antarctica and loved every minute of it. These guys have an extremely knowledgeable staff on everything Antarctic as well as Arctic.


Royal Caribbean

You’ve probably heard of them. These guys are world-known for a reason. One of the top cruise lines.

Travel Insurance:

World Nomads

A well known and popular travel insurance provider. I’ve had good luck with them as well.


I’ve had good luck with these guys over the years with travel insurance. I have only ever made one claim to them and was paid out pretty effortlessly with no fighting.

Printed and E-book Travel Guides

Lonely Planet


Back Country

Awesome website if you’re searching for outdoor gear.

Osprey Backpacks

I have loved both my Osprey backpacks and can’t recommend them enough. Not to mention these guys will replace damaged parts!

Backpack Raincover

Never know what kind of weather you’ll get while traveling. A rain cover is a must.

Backpack Travel Cover

Protect your backpack while in transport.

Katadyn Filters

I travel to a lot of remote areas where water comes from a stream. This water filter is a trusty piece that I always carry with me.

Delorme Inreach Explorer+

It’s a GPS, SOS beacon and text messenger all rolled into one handheld item. I love my Inreach and can’t recommend it enough. They offer good monthly plans when in use.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent

Coming in at just over 1 kilogram this tent is a godsend.

Scrubba Washbag

Have clean clothes on the go.

PacSafe Bags

These bags offer great security being slash proof. I’ve used one for years.

Dry Bags

Keep all your electronics safe when you’re traveling over water (or near it)!

Secret Pocket Scarf

Tammi makes amazingly cute scarves with secret pockets that she sells on Etsy. I love mine. Great alternative to a purse.

Small Travel/Camp Pillow

For camping or for sleeping on plains and trains.

Sleeping Bag

If you plan to camp, this is a must.


I love these water bottles that are insulated so they keep your drinks cold (or hot) and they actually work!

RDIF Blocking Sleeves

Keep you debit and credit card numbers from being skimmed by thieves.

Travel Adapter Power Strip

1 part adapter, 1 part power strip. The best of both worlds rolled into one.


Diva Cup

If you haven’t heard of them already, say goodbye to tampons and hello to the Diva cup. Easy to use and reusable. No more chemical laden cotton tampons, and no more searching foreign country drug stores in search of one when you’re stupid period shows up on vacation.

Lush Products

I love everything from Lush. I really have to resist going into one of their stores because I want to buy everything. With Lush’s amazing products I have been able to travel with all my toiletries and not have to check a bag because you can get everything you need liquid free! The products I always carry with me are:

Shampoo Bars

Solid Hair Conditioner

Massage Bar (these double as lotion)

Bar Soap

Charcoal Face Bar

Powder Deoderant

Toothpaste Tablets

Garden Goddess Sunscreen

I am terrified of the usual sunscreens you see at the drug store. They are loaded with toxic, carcinogenic chemicals. I truly believe that in addition to having a tan being part of the increase in skin cancer rates, I also think that Oxybenzone among other chemicals found in typical sunscreens are helping to increase the rate. I have found my favorite toxic-free sunscreen to be Garden Goddess Sunscreens as they are easier to apply and rub in than some of the others. A close second is Badger Sunscreens. These toxic-free sunscreens do work to protect you against the sun (I’ve used them for a few years now). If I’m not going to be in lots of direct sun during the day I usually use coconut oil, shea butter or a concoction I blend up at home of them both. Both coconut oil and shea butter have a natural SPF to them (it’s not high, so it’s not going to prevent a sunburn at the beach).

Travel Photography Gear:

Trust me, this is all a post in itself! There is a lot to my kit, but guess what? It all fits in one small backpack. Check out what travel photography gear I carry.

These are all the travel resources I recommend for you all!

These are all services and products that I love. I hope this all helps you to travel the world better.