Travel with Me to China, Tajikistan and Pakistan in 2018!

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Travel with Me to China, Tajikistan and Pakistan in 2018!

Finally the bus to hell* is scheduled and someone’s delusional enough to let me drive it. Okay, just kidding, I don’t think they’ll let me drive it (the entire time) but I’ll be leading it.

*And by hell I mean the absolute most beautiful corner of the world… Where the Silk Road meets the Pamirs!

So what that means is:


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I’ve had some of you guys asking about joining me in my travels, particularly my travels in Central Asia and I’ve finally made it happen! Join me this coming June for the adventure of a lifetime through one of my favorite regions and even to a few pockets I haven’t explored yet either!

Click here to see the itinerary and sign up!

What are the highlights?

Uhhh, the whole damn thing! But here’s a few draws…

The Silk Road

Jipek Joli, Jadeh Abrisham. Where the orient meets the occident. Famous explorers and conquerors from Marco Polo to Chenggis Khan, Alexander the Great to Ibn Batutta all have been drawn in by the exotic allure of the ancient Silk Road (or the desire to conquer it). This leg of the Silk Road is one of hardest stretches of it to reach making it an intriguing expedition. I’ll be taking you to the pounding heart of Central Asia- where the Silk Road crosses high altitude passes into the Orient.

The Hunza Valley

Surrounded by giants- many mountains over 6,000 and some over 7,000 meters in one of the most visually stunning corners on Earth. This Valley is a world away- claimed by India, governed by Pakistan, filled with inhabitants that are far removed from either country. Predominantly Ismaili in faith and some of the most warm, welcoming people on the planet. Languages spoken are hardly known on the outside- Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina, however no translation is needed for a chai and nan bread invitation.


Uzbekistan, Central Asia

One of the most important trading centers of the ancient Silk Road, even so to this day. Where several ethnicities meet to exchange goods in the western part of the Taklamakan Desert in the western reaches of China. We even have the unique opportunity to be in Kashgar on a Sunday- every Sunday the livestock market brings in people from all over the region to trade, buy and sell sheep, camels, goats, cows, horses and donkeys at the Sunday bazaar.

Living with Kyrgyz nomads in remote Tajikistan.

The country you guys all know I’ve spent a good chunk of time in trying to understand it and falling for the dramatic sceneries. From China we’ll go up and over the Qolma Pass to enter Tajikistan and after a pitstop in Murghab we will continue deep into the GBAO (Gorno Badakshan Autonomous Oblast) to live with Kyrgyz nomads for a few days. Sleeping in yurts, horseback riding, food preparation and herding are a few things we’ll get to experience out here. Life is tough in the high pasture and the experience will leave you blown away by how hardy the people out here really are.

Oh and did I mention that Pamir Sky? During the day I swear the sky is a different blue than anywhere else I’ve seen on Earth, but the nightsky… Join me for some world-class stargazing and I’ll even show you how to shoot the stars, only if you love cameras and are a night owl like me… otherwise I’ll let you sleep.

The Karakoram Highway

Also known as the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway. This is one of the highest highways in the world (some will even try to argue that it is the highest paved highway in the world, but I’m not here to argue that claim). We’ll exit China over the Khunjerab Pass and cross into the Gilgit-Baltistan areas of Pakistan. This is one of the most scenic drives in the world- glimpses of some of the worlds largest glaciers, peaks that scrape the outer reaches of the atmosphere, beautiful little villages and more.

Want to read up more? Or are you sold and ready to book? Click here to see the full itinerary and/or reserve your spot!

Off the beaten path adventure

Leave those floppy hats and flowy maxi dresses at home. This isn’t your standard tour. At times it can even be a challenging journey. Temperatures can be boiling in the desert areas around Kashgar and downright freezing in the high mountainous areas of Tajikistan and Pakistan we’ll be exploring. Altitudes can get pretty high, Like damn near 5,000 meters so air is thin and adjusting to the high pasture is very real. Most western amenities are nowhere to be found, meaning squat toilets are the norm and there’s not a Starbucks in sight.

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It’s not all bad though, the unreal sceneries, unique cultures and hospitality that literally knows no bounds will outweigh every discomfort of traveling this remote area. This is a rugged expedition likely very different from anything you’ve ever done before and you’ll not soon forget.

Oh yeah, then I’ll be there…

Solo woman in Afghanistan, solo woman Afghan Wakhan

Showing you why I suck at being a travel blogger. (I’m not looking for sympathy, I know I don’t fit the mold. I don’t #doitforthegram, I’m not a fashionista, I don’t try to sell you a destination without mentioning the downsides, and you’ve probably already noticed I don’t often appear in my own Instagram posts).

However, I am here to show you some nifty tricks with your picture taking devices from cell phone cameras to point-and-shoots to DSLRs. If cameras aren’t you’re thing I’m always here to provide entertaining (and usually crude) commentary, I can even regale you in tales of my idiotic life so far, so really ASK ME ANYTHING.

Okay, okay here’s the fine details:


June 9-24, 2018.

Start and Finish:

Kashgar (Kashi), Xinjiang, China.

Group Size:

We will only be taking about 8 passengers, so sign up quick before all the slots are gone!


$3,200 cold hard US Dollars.

So what does that $3,200 include?

Accommodation, food, transportation, visa invitations, guides, and most all activities.

What it doesn’t include:

Airfare, visa fees, travel insurance* (yes, you’ll be required to carry travel insurance).

*That’s an affiliate link above.

So join me in Central Asia next year!

You can click below to read the itinerary and all the details!



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