Travel The World Longer: Couchsurfing

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Travel the world longer through Couchsurfing

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You don’t need a trustfund and rich parents to travel the world. One of the best ways to cut down on costs on the road is via Couchsurfing.

Most people have heard of it by now but in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t yet…

Couchsurfing is a website designed to help you find a free place to stay while traveling (or offer up free accommodations if you want to host).

It’s simple: all you have to do is sign up for an account, get verified, punch in where you want to go and start scrolling through the couches on offer and start messaging away (or where you live and what accommodations you have to offer if you’re looking to host).


I’ve Couchsurfed a number of times as well as have hosted travelers from all over the world (back when I owned my own house). There is quite a bit of negative press out there on it, but I have not yet had a single bad experience.

More so than the free accommodations my favorite thing Couchsurfing offers up is the chance to meet people who have local insights on the place you’re visiting. Not to mention the countless friends I have made over the years hosting and surfing all over the world. Also if I’m on a budget, I’d prefer to spend money on activities than on hotel rooms. Plus, hotel rooms can get a bit lonesome.

While Couchsurfing in Moldova I met so many people through my host that I couldn’t walk the streets of Chisinau without running into someone who I had met through her and being invited in for a coffee. I was invited to surf with a couple in Odessa, one of which worked in Alaska the year prior and couldn’t wait to host someone from the place she grew to love. And even one of my surfers has become a close friend that I’ve traveled to Juneau, Alaska and clear to Palau to visit. And these are just a few of the cases and well I still keep in contact with all of them!

Couchsurfing Odessa. Odessa Ukraine
Galya and I, my host in Odessa.

You don’t need tons of money to travel the world, so what’re you waiting for?

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Need more convincing? Read my post on Couchsurfing safely.

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