Our first couple of days were spent in Kande beach.  We crossed into Malawi from Zambia and made a stop in the border town of Mchinji then headed north to cut through Kasungu National Park in our way up.  Kande Beach is about midway from south to north of the lake.   

 We spent the next couple of days at Kande beach just hanging out a swimming around.  It was nice.  But still strange to me that it’s a lake, I’ve never been on a lake that large.  It was also very odd to me that looking across the lake and knowing on the other side was Mozambique.  

 Lake Malawi sits in a valley formed by the East African Rift.  The rift is created by the two African tectonic plates are splitting.  After a couple days of relaxing, we got back in the truck and headed north to our next camp in Chitimba.  

somewhere outside of Mzuzu


Chitimba is getting close to the end of the lake on the north side.  We camped for a night there before leaving to Tanzania.  Chitimba was a lot quieter than Kande beach.   

   After spending the afternoon and night there we picked up to make our way to the Tanzanian border.