Travel Consulting

Looking for personalized travel consulting? From key information for planning your own journey to curating customized expeditions, I offer consultancy services for countless destinations globally, especially the extremely difficult to reach.

General Travel Consulting


Looking to find all the essential information to organize your own independent trip to a remote corner of the globe? You’re in the right place.

Additionally, after our consultation, I will provide a file with useful contacts, links, and handy resources.

This travel consultancy service is best suited for those who want to visit more difficult and lesser-known destinations and who just need the important pieces of information to plan it themselves.

Custom Trip Design

Starting at $250

This package starts with an initial email to gather information from you for your desired trip. Next, we will schedule a 1 hour consult call where I can listen to your needs and interests more in-depth. From there I will draft different itinerary versions to choose from. Finally, we will have a consult call to fine-tune your chosen itinerary.

This travel trip design service is ideal for those who don’t have the time to plan their own adventure and want to leave it to an expert.

I listen to your needs, your interests and then plan your trip day by day, offering you different draft itineraries to choose from. It is a consultancy suitable for those who do not have time to organize difficult trips and prefer to rely completely on more expert hands.

Travel Q&A

$80/30 minutes

Have a pile of travel questions and not sure where to even start?

In this travel Q&A session, I will answer your travel questions for 30 minutes. 

This service is best for travelers who already have most of their upcoming trip planned and need a few questions answered or for those looking to get more general travel questions answered.

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