10 Photos that will Make You Book a Ticket to Bolivia

Updated March 2024, 10 Photos That Will Make you Book A Ticket To Bolivia was originally written in August 2016

High altitude, mountainous, flat, poor, wealthy in culture, landlocked and at the shores of Lake Titicaca. Bolivia is a land of contrasts and juxtapositions. Who’s ready to book a ticket straight to La Paz?

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Salar de Uyuni, Salar de Uyuni tips, Bolivia, salt flat, Salar, Salar de Uyuni sunset, Salar sunset

Watching the Sunset Over Salar de Uyuni

The Salar was a blinding white sight to see in the daylight, but the real magic opened up as the sun began to creep down over al that sodium and create a spectrum of color.

Read all my best tips & tricks for a perfect visit to Salar de Uyuni

Copacabana, Bolivia, Lake Titicaca, South America

Climbing Bolivia’s Cerro Calvario for an aerial view of Copacabana and the panorama of Lake Titicaca

High up here is the perfect spot for a sunset or some stargazing. Just be careful at night- there have been reports of muggings around here. We were nearly attacked by a dog, but at least my tripod was there for protection.

Laguna Hedionda, Bolivia, 10 photos that will make you book a ticket to bolivia

Salt, flamingos and colorful mountains at Laguna Hedionda

Surrounded by a Mars-esque landscape and a lake of saline icy water and rainbowy mountains to boot.

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Bolivia, 10 photos that will make you book a ticket to bolivia, salvador dali, salvador dali desert

Landscapes That Remind People The World Over of Salvador Dali’s Famous Works

In an arid, barren desert you’ll find the most unusual rock formations.

Mi Teleferico, La Paz Bolivia, La Paz, El Alto, South America

A Vibrant Capital City With A Bad Rap

I heard so much negative in regards to La Paz from other travelers we met on the road.

Yeah, government protests, road blockades, the dust, and the pollution all can get annoying- but views like this certainly make up for it.

Make sure to catch a ride up La Paz’s Mi Teleferico at sunset for a lovely sunset over this high-altitude mountain valley.

Plan your stay: The La Paz Travel Guide

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

When The Laguna Runs Red

An oddity in terms of lakes- reddish-pink water with flamingos marching through its crimson aqua and llamas grazing around the shores.

Death Road, Death Road Bolivia, Cycle the Death Road, La Paz, La Paz Bolivia, Bolivia, South America

A Cruise Down The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Ever start a bike ride high in the mountains with frozen mud puddles and gale-force wind only to end a few hours later in a steamy jungle?

If you can stomach it, you’ll have your chance to do it here and cycle the epically beautiful Death Road.

Everything you need to know before cycling the Death Road

Sol De Mañana, Sol De Manana, Bolivia, South America

Sulfur Steaming From The Inside Of A Crater

The Bolivian Altiplano has no shortage of volcanos. Nothing like meandering through sulfur-stenched plumes and piles of snow.

Arbol De Piedra Arbol De Piedra, Bolivia, South America

Winds Whip Past Purple Mountains And Carve The Most Unique Of Sculptures

Bolivia’s Arbol de Piedra- which translates out to stone tree was created by this.

Isla Del Sol, Bolivia, 10 photos that will make you book a ticket to bolivia, alke titicaca

Walk Like Incan

Among ancient Inca sites on the Island of the Sun on glimmering Lake Titicaca.

There’s so much more to Bolivia and I feel like we barely scratched the surface in our short time there. Of course, I want to re-visit during the wet season to get a glimpse at that salt flat as a giant mirror and see the other areas I didn’t quite have the time for!

Who’s Been to Bolivia? What was your favorite spot?


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