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Getting to Athens by Metro from the Athens Airport

Getting to Athens by Metro from the Athens Airport was originally published in 2024

I found myself in Athens on a whim, actually. 

I was supposed to be headed to Beirut from Tirana via a layover in Athens when I received a message from Pia, the woman who I was supposed to be working on a trekking route in Lebanon with. 

She said to try to not come if at all possible. It was the night that Beirut erupted into protests over the US (and other countries’) support of the Israeli government following the start of the conflict (or should we just say total escalation of the ongoing conflict) between Israel and Hamas. 

To be fair, I understood her concern. 

I wasn’t scared to go to Lebanon, she wasn’t scared for me either (after all, I’ve been in active warzones more times than I can count at this point). 

Her concern was with me getting stuck in the event Lebanon got sucked into the fight and flights got canceled or the airports shut down. I’d have been essentially stuck on Lebanon Island there for a while considering the only land routes out of the country would be via Israel or Syria (so not a great option at the moment and a pain in the ass visa). 

So I followed her advice and bailed at the Athens Airport. 

I quickly forged a plan which was to get to a hostel in Athens and try to get there by public transport. 

After booking a hostel in Athens I had to figure out how to get there- which within seconds I figured out I could do using the Athens Metro as there was a line all the way to the airport. 

Upon first inspection, the two websites I read first lamented how difficult the metro was and to just take a taxi. 

But I figured why not try to figure out the Athens Metro? My plans were out the window already, so why not add to the ensuing shitshow? 

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Taking the Athens Metro into Central Athens

Long story short, taking the metro in Athens is painfully easy. I’m assuming that what I had read was in reference to years past, when maybe the Athens Metro may have been a real ball-ache.

But I did not find that to be the case whatsoever. 

Once I was in the arrivals hall I just followed the signs to the Athens Airport Metro Station. 

Once I was in the station, I simply walked up the window and asked for a ticket to the nearest metro station to my hostel (I’d looked this up before I got to the station) and the man at the window said “9€, please” and then told me which platform and how many stops before I should get out. 

There are also ticket vending machines that you can purchase tickets from at the station, which are also incredibly easy to use. 

How Long Does it Take to Reach Athens Airport from the City Center by Metro?

Taking the Athens Metro from Athens Airport to Syntagma Square takes approximately 40 minutes. You can expect other stops nearby to Syntagma Square in the city center to add a few more minutes to the journey. 

Purchasing Athens Metro Tickets

A one-way subway ticket from Athens Airport to Syntagma Square is priced at 9€ for adults and 4.5€ for children, students, and seniors. 

A round-trip metro ticket from the airport costs 16€.

Children under 6 travel free of charge

Tickets can be purchased at airport station ticket booths or automated machines. 

Regular ticket checks are conducted on the airport metro line, and failure to produce a ticket may result in a fine. Inspectors may not wear a distinct uniform but should always display their badge.

For exploring the city, consider purchasing a 3-day Tourist ticket, valid for buses, metro, and tram, which includes a return trip to Athens Airport for 20€.

Athens Airport Metro Timetable

The Athens Airport Metro is located along the Blue Metro Line 3 and operates daily from 06:30 am to 11:30 pm, with trains departing every 30 minutes

Have Any Questions About Taking the Athens Metro from the Airport to the City Center?

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