Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

Cathedral Gorge State Park Nevada: A Hidden Gem Along the Great Basin Highway

Cathedral Gorge State Park Nevada: A Hidden Gem Along the Great Basin Highway was originally published in 2024

Obscured from typical tourist trail in Nevada, Cathedral Gorge is an easy-to-access hidden gem located along the Great Basin Highway, boasting remarkable geological formations including caverns, slot canyons, and more.

In this quick guide to Cathedral Gorge find everything you need to plan your visit to Cathedral Gorge State Park, and perhaps continue your journey northward to Great Basin National Park, just a few hours away.

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Cathedral Gorge Quick Info 

Miller Point Trail, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada
  • Entry to Cathedral Gorge State Park is $10 per vehicle. You can either pay at the visitor center or the self-pay kiosk on the way into the park.
  • Las Vegas is the nearest big city at 2.5 hours away by car. Cedar City, Utah is located only 90 minutes away, and Salt Lake City, Utah is 5 hours away. 
  • Pets are allowed in Cathedral Gorge State Park so long as they’re on a leash. 

Best Time to Visit Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Cave, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

The best time to visit Cathedral Gorge State Park in terms of weather, fall and spring are the optimal seasons to visit.

I visited just after Christmas on my way back up to Salt Lake City after spending Christmas with my parents in Las Vegas. The temperatures were cool but perfect for exploring, so don’t rule out a winter visit. 

It is perfectly fine to visit Cathedral Gorge in the summertime, but due to high daytime temps, I would recommend planning your visit for early morning and trying to be finished before noon.

Not that there isn’t much shade in and around the park, so make sure you have sunscreen and plenty of water.

How Much Time to Spend at Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge State Park isn’t overwhelmingly large, making it easy to visit in about half a day.

There is a campground for those who want to make a weekend out of their visit, but for those passing through who don’t have a lot of time 2-4 hours should suffice to hit the highlights. 

How to Get to Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge State Park is located just off of US-93/Great Basin Highway, despite this, it is a bit out in the middle of nowhere.

The closest major cities are Las Vegas, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Things to Do at Cathedral Gorge State Park

Moon Caves

Moon Cave, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

The Moon Caves will likely be your first stop as they are located the closest to the visitor center. 

You’ll find several entry points into the slot canyons that comprise the Moon Caves. 

Some caves will twist and turn for quite a while, but many lead to dead ends, requiring you to turn back.

CCC Water Tower

CCC Tower, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

You will inevitably pass the CCC Tower as you continue on the park road past the Moon Caves to the end of the road near the Cathedral Caves.

The CCC Tower was erected by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s as part of the water system for Cathedral Gorge State Park.  

While no longer in use due to the high alkali content in the water in the area, the CCC Tower provides a glimpse into the human history of the park. 

Cathedral Caves

Cathedral Cave, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

Eventually, you will reach the end of the park road from where you can launch off to explore the Cathedral Caves or hike the Nature Loop trail which connects to other paths in the park.

The Cathedral Caves are more slot canyons waiting to be explored just beyond the parking area. They are quite similar to the Moon Caves but still find to play around in.

Miller Point

Miller Point, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

Miller Point is a phenomenal overlook with panoramic views over the canyon. 

For those super short on time, you can turn onto Miller Point Road from the US-93 and drive to the viewpoint. 

I actually did not know that there was a road in and a lot to Miller Point as I had come in past the visitor center and hiked along the Miller Point Trail to reach Miller Point. 

The Miller Point Hike is well worth it to explore the beguiling slot canyons abound. 

Eagle Point

Take the Eagle Point Trailhead from Miller Point Road to reach this epic viewpoint just to the southwest of Miller Point.

Hikes in Cathedral Gorge

Nature Trail

Nature Trail, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

The Nature Trail is a short 0.5 mile path connecting the Cathedral Gorge Campground to the Cathedral Caves. 

Juniper Draw Loop Trail

The Juniper Draw Loop Trail is accessed from either the Nature Loop Trail or the Millers Point Trail.

The trail spans 3.5 miles and is almost entirely flat so is quite easy. The reward is reaching a canyon out of view from the rest of Cathedral Gorge State Park. 

Miller Point Trail

Miller Point Trail, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

If you have only enough time to do one hike in Cathedral Gorge State Park, I would pick the Miller Point Trail. 

The path is only one mile in length (one way) and starts from the parking lot near the Cathedral Caves.

You’ll meander through a canyon, eventually reaching a metal staircase you’ll climb up to reach Miller Point in the end.

Eagle Point Trail

Starting from Miller Point Road, the Eagle Point Trail is 0.8 miles one-way, bringing you to a great viewpoint. 

Camping at Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge State Park offers year-round camping with 22 first-come, first-served campsites. 

Fires should be contained within the designated fire rings.

Quiet hours at Cathedral Gorge are from 10 pm to 7 am. 

Have Any Questions About Visiting Cathedral Gorge State Park?

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