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Dubai-Oman Common Visa

Updated April 2024, The Dubai-Oman Common Visa guide was originally written in March 2020

Did you know that it’s possible to get a 21 day visa to Oman for free? Don’t worry, not many people do. Of course, it comes with a few caveats, but it’s totally possible if you follow the steps below and are a passport holder of one of the eligible countries.

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The Rules For Obtaining A Dubai Oman Common Visa

  • You Must Be Entering Oman Directly From Dubai
  • You Must Be A Passport Holder Of An Eligible Country
  • You Must Obtain A Dubai Visa On Arrival

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Getting A Dubai Visa

On arrival at Dubai (DXB) Airport or Dubai World Center (DWC Airport) when going through immigration request a visa to the Emirate of Dubai. This is an additional small white sticker with a barcode on it to the usual oval UAE entrance stamp. I’ve personally arrived at Dubai Airport countless times, sometimes they give the Dubai visa without asking, but not always- so definitely ask for it.

You can also get the Dubai visa if you’ll be entering the UAE at Port Rashid by ferry, but the same recommendations apply: request the Dubai visa.

Dubai Oman Common Visa, Dubai Visa, UAE Visa, United Arab Emirates Visa, UAE entry stamp, United Arab Emirates entry stamp
The sticker pictured here above the UAE entry stamp is the Dubai visa

Entering Oman On The Dubai Oman Common Visa

To enter Oman on the Dubai Oman Common Visa you’ll need to exit the UAE directly from the Emirate of Dubai into Oman. Making the only possibilities by direct flight from Dubai to Muscat (or Salalah), or over the land border crossing of Hatta/Wajajah.

Eligible Countries For The Dubai Oman Common Visa

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, and Vatican City.

Other Notes On The Dubai Oman Common Visa

  • When you hand over your passport at Oman immigration you need to state right away that you are entering Oman on the Dubai Oman Common Visa.
  • Your Dubai visa will need to have 3 weeks of remaining validity in order to enter Oman on the Dubai Oman Common Visa.
  • Dubai Oman Common Visas are good for 21 days.

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Not Eligible? How To Get An Oman E-Visa

G1 Nationals

If you’re a G1 National you can still enter Oman on an e-visa. The costs are 5 OMR for a 10 day e-visa and 20 OMR for a 30 day e-visa. For a list of G1 nations, click here.

If you are a G1 National, you can apply for your Oman e-visa here.

Note that it usually takes a couple of days to receive approval of your Oman Visa, so do apply in advance to avoid any headaches.

Non-G1 Nationals

If you are not a passport holder of a G1 country you’ll need to apply for an Omani visa at an Oman embassy or consulate.

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Steps For The Oman E-Visa Application

What You Need To Apply:

  • Scan of your passport
  • A passport photo
  • Credit/debit card for payment

Step 1: Go To The Royal Oman Police Website

Click here to be brought to the official website for Oman visa applications.

Step 2: Click Apply For Tourist Visa & Login

Once you get to the Royal Oman Police website, click on the airplane icon that says ‘apply for tourist visa’. You’ll be brought to a login page next. Once here, click ‘register as a new user’ and follow the prompts. Once you’ve successfully created an account, log in.

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Bimmah Sinkhole

Step 3: Apply For An Unsponsored Visa

Next, you’ll click the blue button on the left-hand side of the screen that says ‘apply for visa’, a dropdown will appear. Now, click the link to ‘apply for unsponsored visa’. On the next page, you will answer two questions: Your nationality in your passport and whether you are from a GCC country.

Step 4: Select Your Oman Visa Type

The next page will bring you to a list of different tourist visas to choose from, including 10 day single entry, 30 day single entry, various lengths of multi-entry visas. Select the visa that suits your needs.

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Step 5: Fill Out The Oman Visa Application

Enter the necessary information on all required lines. Upload a scan of your passport and passport photo to the application as well.

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Wahiba Sands

Step 6: Enter Payment Details

The following page will prompt you to enter credit or debit card details. Fill them in and click submit.

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Step 7: Receive Your Oman Visa

Usually within two days or so you should receive an email stating that your Oman visa has been approved. You can either print off a copy of your Oman visa, or make sure you have a copy of it on your phone to show immigration officials on arrival in Oman.

Have Any Questions About The Dubai Oman Common Visa?

Ask in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “Dubai-Oman Common Visa”

  1. While I have worked as a freelance photographer for four years in Dubai, I had no idea about this common visa. And you are the visitor who knows all about it in great detail, so it is quite shame for me.😂😂😂

  2. Nicole, I must say that your blog is very helpful. I’ve been residing in Dubai for many years and visited Oman a few times, but I’ve never heard of the 21-day common visa. Definitely, I would explore it and use it.

  3. I’m a little confused with your description of the Dubai Oman Common Visa.
    You indicate here that the visa is valid for 21 days which is = 3 weeks, and to enter Oman, the visa needs to have 3 weeks of validity remaining. This would only work if one goes to Oman on the same day they received their Dubai Oman Common Visa. Is that right?
    Is there a way to avail of this common visa for someone staying a few days to a week in Dubai before going to Oman?

    1. It’s a little confusing, so that initial stamp and sticker you get to enter Dubai is good for 30 days in the UAE. In order to use that same stamp and sticker as part of the Dubai-Oman common visa scheme that sticker will still need 21 more days of validity, meaning you could in theory enter Dubai and stay in Dubai for 7 days and then go to the border and enter Oman because that 30 day entrance still has 21 days remaining on it. If you spent 2 days in Dubai and then went to the border you still would only be able to visit Oman for up to 21 days because once you use the common visa to enter Oman it is only good for 21 more days. I hope that helps clarify it a bit.

  4. Hiya, nice post! There is a bit of info I found and wanted to clarify.
    I am flying to DXB, staying for a week and travelling to Muscat, Oman by car. I stay for 6 nights and return to Dubai and fly away. The wiki page says citizens of 103 countries incl. mine do not need a visa if teh stay is under 14 days.
    I am wondering if the Duba visa type will matter or I will be able to just enter Oman and exit without a visa as long as hotel, insurance etc are provided.
    I am not sure if this is true.
    the wiki website is
    Cheers, Elizabeth

    1. Hey Elizabeth, good catch! I did have a buddy just in Oman in March and tried to get the common visa when he landed in Dubai for a few days before entering and they acted like it didn’t exist (at least in Dubai anyway). I did check the foreign ministry website and it sounds like you should be able to visit Oman visa-free if your passport is on the list. Double check the info here:

  5. Thanks for demystifying the common visa. From what I understand I land in Dubai and ask for that additional sticker. Then I take a rental car and try to cross to Oman and tell the immigration officer that I’m entering on the common visa. And when he sees both the stamp and the sticker he will allow me to enter. Correct? Did you actually try that yourself? I’m asking because here there is a question that reads: **How can someone travel from Dubai to Oman?** and the answer mentions: If you don’t have a residency in GCC, then ***you’ll have to apply for the Dubai/Oman Joint Visa applied through one of the Oman’s embassy offices*** or via tourist travel agencies and can enter through the airport or through Hatta Border and Visa duration has to be valid for at least 21 days pre-entry to Oman. So it sounds like an additional trip to the Oman embassy in Dubai would be necessary… This is all sooo confusing.

    1. Sorry that was confusing, I had included the steps for applying for the evisa for those that aren’t eligible for the common visa. So the first part is correct- ask for the sticker on arrival and then when crossing the border you will let them know it’s on the common visa. I have done this, though I was flying between Dubai and Muscat and not going overland. Because covid restrictions being in constant flux I would recommend contacting the Omani Royal Police directly to verify that everything is still on, their contact info is all here Hope you get to Oman soon!

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