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Wanna See Mount Fuji? How to get from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko

Updated May 2024How to get from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko was originally written in October 2018

That famous photo you see of Mount Fuji with the Tokyo skyscrapers? Well, it’s not that easy to replicate because Mount Fuji is quite far from Tokyo, paired with the fact that skies aren’t always clear.

Summer haze, smog, and clouds can all obstruct your view of the famous Mount Fuji. For those without much time, you can easily get from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko and back as a day trip, or spend a night or more out here for those with more time to spare. Read on to learn how to get from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko for great views of Mount Fuji.

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Best Time To Go

The best time of year to see Mount Fuji is November to February as skies are clearer and the air is less humid. We visited in late April, with quite hazy skies, so to Kawaguchiko we went!

How To Get From Tokyo To Kawaguchiko

You can arrive at Kawaguchiko by bus or by train. Being an idiot with public transportation (I’m from Alaska where public transport is very minimal to non-existent in some areas), I chose to go by bus since it didn’t involve me having to change at the station.

By Bus

From Shinjuku: Fujikyu and Keio buses depart Shinjuku Bus Station 2x per hour to Kawaguchiko Station (as well as return). The journey takes about 2 hours each way. Tickets cost ¥1,750 each way.

From Tokyo Station: Fujikyu and JR Canto buses depart Tokyo Bus Station (Yaesu South Exit) 2x per hour to Kawaguchiko Station (as well as return). The journey takes about 2 hours each way. Tickets cost ¥1,800 each way.

From Shibuya: Fujikyu buses depart Shinjuku Bus Station every other hour to Kawaguchiko Station (as well as return). The journey takes about 2-2.5 hours each way. Tickets cost ¥1,800 each way.

By Train

Getting to Kawaguchiko from Tokyo, in my opinion, is a little more complicated than the bus, requiring changing a train and it does cost more unless you already have a JR Railpass.

From Shinjuku Station take the JR Chuo Line to Otsuki Station. Once to Otsuki Station, you’ll need to transfer to the Fujikyu Railway Line that will take you to Kawaguchiko Station.

The train from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station takes 70-100 minutes, costing ¥1,320-2,500 and the Otsuki to Kawaguchiko train takes 55 minutes, costing ¥1,140.

If you have a JR Railpass you are covered for the leg between Shinjuku Station and Otsuki Station, the Otsuki to Kawaguchiko train is not covered under the rail pass so you will need to pay the ¥1,140 each way.

What To Do In Kawaguchiko

Kawaguchiko is a nice change from bustling Tokyo. I highly recommend renting bicycles and peddling along the quaint town streets and along the edge of the lake for great views of Mount Fuji.

  • Rent Bicycles (¥500/hour, ¥1,500/day)
  • Go Out On A Paddle Boat (¥1,000-1,500/hr)
  • Make A Short Side Trip To The Famous Chureito Pagoda In Nearby Fujiyoshida
  • Cruise Kawaguchiko By Electric Bicycle (¥600/hour, ¥2,600/day)
  • Go For A Ride On The Ropeway At Tenjo Yama Park (¥400)
  • Visit Fuji Omuro Sengen Shrine & Kawaguchi Sengen Shrine
  • Try Houtou, A Local Specialty Dish & Ayo Sweetfish
Chureito, Chureito Pagoda, Fujiyoshida, Japan, Tokyo to Kawaguchiko, Asia
Chureito Pagoda

Kawaguchiko & Mount Fuji Area Tours

There are a plethora of tours on offer for different interests.

  • Those looking to explore the Kawaguchiko Lake area on a day trip from Tokyo, shop tours here
  • For different tours that offer great views of Mount Fuji from all over the area click here
  • For tours of Chureito Pagoda in Fujiyoshida, shop here
  • If you’re looking for multi-day tours all over Japan, click here

Where To Sleep In Kawaguchiko


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Need More Help Planning To See Mount Fuji Or Getting From Tokyo To Kawaguchiko?

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  1. Thanks for this. I’m planning a skiing trip to Japan and only set aside a couple of days for Tokyo, so I’ll be making this day trip on one of those days.

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