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How to get to Lake Sarez, Tajikistan

*This post contains affiliate links. Lake Sarez So you’re planning to visit Tajikistan eh? Looking for an impressive, beautiful and interesting destination within the country to visit that’s newly open to foreigners? Then Lake Sarez might be the adventure for you. I visited Tajikistan in both 2016 and 2017 and finally made it to the […]

Pamir Highway Guide

Pamir Highway Guide *This is an extremely long post with information I have personally gathered over my travels in Tajikistan, so yes, some links in here are affiliate links. As we made the colorful twists and turns down out of Shurabad Pass with my first glimpses across the River Panj into Afghanistan, I knew this […]

And That’s a Wrap 2017!

Map created by Travellerspoint Over 65,000 miles (104,000 kilometers), 7 continents, 23 countries (yes, most in transit getting to where I was going), and 3 disputed territories/unrecognized states later I made it back to Alaska at the end of 2017. No, I don’t plan to travel anywhere near as much in 2018. The only trip I […]

10 Off The Beaten Track Destinations For 2018

10 Off The Beaten Track Destinations For 2018 How do you like that clickbait title? Ha! Jokes on you, they aren’t even all full blown countries in the UN’s eyes. But seriously though- Here’s 10 awesome places for your to do list in 2018. And Merry Christmas to everyone out there! *This post contains affiliate […]

Nicole’s Worst in Travel 2017

Worst in Travel 2017 Good news guys: I’ve ended 2017 with as many teeth as I began the year with! Unlike 2016… Also no trainwrecks, no fainting in filthy Peruvian bus stations, no motorbike wrecks, no stitches, no times spent in Carib sewers, and no broken camera lenses. Here’s the stupid things that happened to […]

3 Day Nagorno-Karabakh Roadtrip

3 Day Nagorno-Karabakh Roadtrip *This post contains affiliate links.  On my most recent trip I visited Armenia, but after meeting another traveler on the shared taxi down from Tbilisi to Yerevan I set out to travel Nagorno-Karabakh with him and two Armenian sisters. The best part is, none of this was my idea! *Most countries […]