Hisor, Hisor Fort, Hisor Fortress, Dushanbe day trip, Tajikistan

How To Get To Hisor Fort, Tajikistan

Updated June 2024, How to get to Hisor Fort was originally written in December 2019

Can you believe it? After all these trips I’ve taken to Tajikistan this last summer was my first time making the day trip to Hisor Fortress, Tajikistan.

In this quick guide, I’ll cover all the info you need to know to visit Hisor Fort on marshrutka and shared taxi.

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About Hisor Fort

Hisor has a history stretching back over 2,000 years. The town was actually a khanate all its own and an important post along the Silk Road between Termez and Kashgar. It was eventually swallowed and incorporated into the Khanate of Bukhara.

Over Hisor’s 2,000+ year history, it’s been razed and destroyed several times by countless conquerors and empires. The Hisor Fort that stands there today little resembles the ancient Hisor Fort that has historically inhabited the land.

With the Disneyification of the fort, I wouldn’t say it’s a must-see spot in Tajikistan, but if you’re in Dushanbe and have 4 hours or so to kill it’s something to do.

Hisor Fort is also the most touristy place you’ll visit in Tajikistan with many of the recreated buildings housing shops hawking almost any souvenir you could possibly want to bring home.

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Hisor, Hisor Fort, Hisor Fortress, Dushanbe day trip, Tajikistan

How To Get To Hisor Fort

Step 1: Get on Marshrutka #8 heading west

Marshrutka #8 will take you to Zarnisor Bazaar on the western outskirts of Dushanbe. A seat on Marshrutka #8 will set you back 1.50 TJS.

Alternatively, you can take city bus #8 to Zarnisor Bazaar as well but know that you can’t just step onto a city bus and pay. You’ll need to get bus ticket credits using your SIM card at a kiosk.

Step 2: Hop on Marshrutka signed for Хисор (Hisor)

Just FYI: the taxi/marshrutka stand outside of Zarnisor Bazaar is a bit of a clusterf*ck. There will be marshrutka and cars going every which way and lots of yelling and honking.

I actually spotted the Hisor marshrutka slowly rolling in the chaotic traffic on the street in front of the stand, so I ran, hiked up my shalwar kameez, and hopped into the moving minibus making the women and couple sitting in the marshrutka giggle and make room for me to sit down with them.

The Hisor marshrutka should cost about 3 TJS.

Step 3: Take a shared taxi to Hisor Fort

You’ll be dropped off in a parking lot in the town of Hisor that seems rather orderly compared to what you’ve just experienced at Zarnisor Bazaar. From here you’ll walk across the street to the west where the taxis to Hisor Fort await. If at all in doubt in the parking lot just say “Hisor Qala taxi kojust?” And the cars will be pointed out to you.

After you get across the street a driver or two will likely approach, say Hisor Qala and they’ll motion you to sit in the car and wait for it to fill up.

A seat in the shared taxi will cost 2 TJS, or 8 TJS if you want to pay for all the seats and not wait. I was the first to the shared taxi and I waited maybe 5 minutes for it to fill with other passengers.

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Step 4: Arrive at Hisor Fort

Hisor, Hisor Fort, Hisor Fortress, Dushanbe day trip, Tajikistan

You’ll be dropped off at the parking lot for Hisor Fort. From here, walk in the entrance and pay the 10 TJS entry fee and go explore.

Step 5: Go back to Dushanbe

Getting back to Dushanbe is as simple enough as following the above instructions in reverse.

I actually ended up meeting a family while checking out the fort, whose excited teenage daughter wanted to practice her English language skills with me. They ended up joining me for a meal in Hisor before they drove back to the city and dropped me on the outskirts of Dushanbe on their way home.

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Have Any Questions About Visiting Hisor Fort?

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Hisor, Hisor Fort, Hisor Fortress, Dushanbe day trip, Tajikistan

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