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Flight Seeing Palau With Pacific Mission Aviation

Updated August 2023, Flightseeing Palau with PMA Pacific was originally written in February 2017

My most favorite thing I did while I was in Palau? Nope, not diving because I failed to get my diving cert finished. It was definitely taking a scenic flight over the tiny island nation!

Pacific Mission Aviation offers a few different flight services. I chose the 40 minute flightseeing tour of the islands.

First, they send a car to come pick you up from wherever you are staying and bring you to the airport. You get driven right up on the tarmac and to the PMA desk.

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Getting on the plane to fly over Palau

Check in takes no time and the day I flew with PMA there was only myself, a couple and their toddler on the flight. Before we knew it we were loaded up on the Cessna and taking off!

In no time you’re airborne and flying over Palau’s Rock Islands with the wind whipping through your hair.

Palau on a budget, Palau, PMA, Pacific Mission Aviation, the milky way, milky way palau, milky way rock islands
Flying over the Rock Islands

One of the first of Palau’s famous spots you fly over is the Milky Way, most of the boat tours stop off here so that you can paint yourself in the stinky white sand.

German Channel, Palau on a budget, Palau, Pacific Mission Aviation, PMA
The German Channel

Above is the German Channel, a world famous dive site located in Palau. The German’s dredged the barrier reef to allow for Europe-bound phosphate-carrying ships to pass.

Often ranked as the best dive site in the entire world is pictured above. The Blue Corner. Divers flock from all over the world for the chance to dive Palau’s famous Blue Corner. Or if you’re me you take a flight over top of it!

Seventy Islands, Seventy Islands Palau, Rock Islands, Rock Islands Palau, Palau, Palau on a budget, Pacific Mission Aviation, Palau, flight seeing Palau
The Seventy Islands

This is probably the most famous shot of Palau, the Seventy Islands. It’s obvious why.

Rock Islands, Rock Islands Palau, Palau, Pacific Mission, Aviation, PMA, flight seeing Palau
I don’t think I could ever get sick of views like this!

How 40 minutes just flies by when you’re being spoiled by these amazing views.

Palau on a budget, Koror, Palau, flight seeing Palau, PMA, Pacific Mission Aviation, Koror
Getting ready to land back at the Koror Airport

Ready To Book Your Flight Seeing Trip With Pacific Mission Aviation?

Head over to their website for the most up-to-date information. You can also ring them up (680) 587-4567 (office) and (680) 778-2747 (cell) or e-mail them at [email protected] to book your trip today.

PMA Pricelist:

  • 40 Minute Flight Seeing Trip Over Palau: $180 per person.
  • Koror to Anguar/Peleliu or Anguar/Peleliu to Koror Air Taxi: $400 each way (can be divided up among 5 travelers).
  • Koror to Anguar/Peleliu or Anguar/Peleliu to Koror Scheduled Flight (2x/week): $100 per person.
  • PMA also charters flight to/from and within Yap.

Where To Stay In Palau

Where To Stay In Koror

Where To Stay In Peleliu

Where To Stay On Carp Island

Other Ways To Stay In Palau

  • Couchsurfing is a great option for those trying to stretch their budget as far as possible, but hosts in Palau can be few and far between.
  • Another good option to check out is AirBnb

Would You Take A Pacific Mission Aviation Flight Seeing Trip?

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