Kandovan, Iran, cave home, cave village Iran, cave village

How to get to Kandovan, Iran

Updated August 2023, How to get to Kandovan, Iran was originally written in July 2019

Kandovan is like a mini Cappadocia with cave homes built into jagged volcanic rock (Ha! I’m literally just repeating what everyone else says here despite never having been to Cappadocia, and we may as well toss in the term troglodyte because any guidebook or blog refers to it as such).

In this quick guide, I’ll explain how to reach Kandovan from Tabriz using public transport and by taxi. Note that do to the wild instability of the Iranian Rial I am giving prices in US dollar equivalents to what I paid.

A shop owner that invited me into his gift store

Getting To Kandovan On Public Transport

ie: the slightly cheaper, yet more difficult way.

A friend in Tabriz let me in on all the info on how to do it by public transport.

First, you’ll need to head to Rahahan Square (also referred to as Railway Square as it’s near the train terminal). You can grab a taxi out there as it’s a little far from the center of Tabriz, it should set you back 0.75¢-$1.50 USD.

You could also head to Maqqeqi Street, near the intersection with Shariati Street, and grab a savari to the square for 0.50¢.

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Getting To Osku

There are no direct buses from Tabriz to Kandovan so you’ll need to head to nearby Osku first. The bus stop of Osku bound buses leaves from Rahahan Square, near the Tabriz train station.

The Tabriz-Osku minibus should cost about 30,000 IRR 0.25¢ per person each way and takes about one hour.

Once to Osku, you’ll most likely need to complete the mission to Kandovan by taxi. Worth noting is that there are sometimes savaris between Osku and Kandovan.

Kandovan, Iran, cave home, cave village Iran, cave village
Cave dwellings among brick homes in Kandovan

Taxi From Osku To Kandovan & Back

Depending on your negotiating skills you can plan to pay about $5 for a taxi round trip from Osku to Kandovan and back, including waiting for 2 hours for you in the village.

It’s about 20 minutes drive time between Osku and Kandovan.

Grand Total: $8

This info was supplied by my guesthouse on costs.

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Now, The Easy Way: Hire A Taxi From Tabriz

This is how I did it. Walked down to the reception at the Darya Guesthouse and said that I’d like to go to Kandovan. I was met with an “Okay! When would you like me to call a taxi for you? It will cost $12.50 return, including waiting for 2 hours.”


Grand Total: $12.50

A local man that invited me in for tea as the snow was coming down outside

Car entrance fee to Kandovan

Just before you reach Kandovan there is a gate where you’ll need to pay 0.35¢ for the car to enter the town.

If you’d like to avoid this fee you can have your taxi drop you just before the gate and walk into Kandovan.

Have Any Questions On How To Get To Kandovan from Tabriz?

Ask your questions about how to get to Kandovan in the comments section below. I recommend picking up a copy of Bradt Iran to help you plan your Iran adventure.

Kandovan, Iran, Azerbaijan, cave village Iran

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