10 Reasons To Visit Antarctica

By Nicole

10 Reasons to Visit Antarctica

Looking reasons to visit Antarctica? Still pristine and barely touched, Antarctica is more than barren ice covered landscapes. Unspoiled by mass tourism and beaconing you to visit its icy shores, now is a better time than ever to visit the polar continent.

1. Penguins.

winking penguin, wink penguin, penguin winking, pension wink, Chinstrap Penguin, Penguin, Chinstrap, Antarctica, Aitcho Island, South Shetland Islands, reasons to visit antarctica
Hey Ladies ūüėČ.

Really, who doesn’t love penguins? They’re the cutest and aren’t usually scared to get right up close and personal with Antarctic explorers.


2. Ice Bergs.

Antarctica, Winter Island, Argentine Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica Ice, Antarctic Ice, Oceanwide expeditions
Iceberg, dead ahead! See them while you still can.

With icebergs larger than several small countries that have broken off the continent there’s ample opportunity to see Antarctica’s center stage star: the ice. But get there quick! With changes in the climate the continent’s famed ice is melting faster now then ever.


3. The Desolation.

Antarctica, Franklin Island, Franklin Island Antarctica, Ross Sea, Ross Sea islands, reasons to visit Antarctica
A lonely Adelie Penguin just off Franklin Island, Antarctica.

Looking to get away form it all, literally? There’s no better place to escape the crowds, hectic city life and depressing fake news than Antarctica.


4. The History.

Antarctica, reasons to visit antarctica, Brochgrevink, Borchgrevink hut, Borchgrevink's Hut, Cape Adare
Cape Adare, the first documented landing site in Antarctica by Carsten Borchgrevink and Henrik Bull. If you look closely you will see Borchegrevink’s Hut on the shore.

History buffs rejoice! Walk in the footsteps of Antarctica’s explorers… Borchgrevink, Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen… just to name a few. These guys all had ample reasons to visit Antarctica, do you?


5. The Birding.

Albatross, Southern Royal Albatross, Campbell Island, New Zealand, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, New Zealand Subantarctic Islands, reasons to visit Antarctica
The Southern Royal Albatross nesting on Campbell Island.

Did you know Antarctica is chock full of exotic birds? Less colorful than their tropical counterparts, but oh so much more rare. Watch the graceful dives and spins of Skuas, Petrels and giant Albatross.


6. Glaciers.

Lemaire Channel, Lemaire, Antarctica, reasons to visit Antarctica, Lemaire Channel Antarctica, Lemaire Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, glaciers Antarctica, Antarctica glaciers, Lemaire Channel glaciers
Glaciers on glaciers on glaciers! Get here quick, they’re melting and not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Antarctica is bursting with glaciers. There are thousands upon thousands. So many that several aren’t even named. But just like the Antarctic ice, glaciers are affected by the warming sea temperatures and melting at an astonishing rate.


7. The Lemaire Channel.

Lemaire Channel, Lemaire, Antarctica, reasons to visit Antarctica, Lemaire Channel Antarctica, Lemaire Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula
Sunset reflections don’t get better than in the Lemaire Channel.

Easily the most scenic location in Antarctica. Sunset here is unbeatable with mirror like reflections in the calm guarded waters of the famed channel.


8. Whale watching.

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Watching orca whales from the helicopter just off the pack ice in McMurdo Sound area of the Ross Sea.

Keep a pair of comfy slip-on shoes handy for that early wake up call to come across the intercoms of your ship yelling at you to get on deck because the ship is surrounded by thousands of whales.


9. Face to face with seals.

Leopard Seal, Seal, Antarctica seal, Antarctica leopard seal, Antarctica, Ross Sea, reasons to visit antarctica
This Leopard Seal inched all the way across an ice flow in the middle of the Ross Sea to come over and peer straight down at us into our zodiac.

Nothing is more an adrenaline rush than staring eye to eye with a giant seal that outweighs you 10-fold.


10. Unreal Landscapes.

Lemaire Channel, Lemaire, Antarctica, reasons to visit Antarctica, Lemaire Channel Antarctica, Lemaire Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, sunset Lemaire channel, sunset antarctica, sunset lemaire channel antarctica, iceberg, iceberg antarctica, iceberg lemaire channel

The landscapes are one of the best reasons to visit Antarctica. From the idyllic spine of mountains bisecting the famous Antarctic peninsula, to the flat barren nothingness of South Pole Station, to cruising the ice floes of the Ross Sea with Mt. Eberus looming over you from ashore: Antarctica has a landscape for everyone.

*I have a business relationship with Oceanwide Expeditions and traveled onboard the M/V Ortelius sailing South to the Ross Sea and Antarctica as an independent press & media representative. All opinions are my own. Trust me, Antarctica is f*&!#^@ awesome!

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