I traveled onboard the M/V Ortelius from New Zealand to visit Campbell Island on the way down to the Ross Sea & Antarctica as an independent press & media representative with Oceanwide Expeditions. All opinions are my own.

Beeman Hill, Perseverance Harbor, Northwest Bay, Campbell Island, New Zealand, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands

Campbell Island: Off The Beaten Path New Zealand

Updated February 2024Campbell Island, New Zealand Off The Beaten Path was originally written in April 2017

When people think of New Zealand they typically think of the two big players in the game: The North Island and the South Island. But did you know New Zealand encompasses more islands than just its two sprawling superstars?

New Zealand includes a number of other islands and island groups, actually over 600! Several are in the Subantarctic, here are the groups of them:

  • Campbell Island (Motu Ihupuku)
  • Auckland Islands (Motu Maha)
  • The Snares (Tini Heke)
  • Bounty Islands
  • Antipodes Islands

All of these island groups lie south of New Zealand in the Southern Ocean between the Antarctic and the Subtropical Convergence.

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Quick Info About The Campbell Islands

  • The Campbell Islands are New Zealand’s southernmost subantarctic island group. The group is comprised of the main and largest Campbell Island, with Dent and Jacquemart being the next largest. Other islands include;  Isle de Jeanette Marie, Gomez Island, Folley Island, Hook Keys, Wasp Island, Monowai Island, and Survey Island.
  • The island group’s size comes in at 11,331 hectares
  • The Campbell Islands are located 700 km south of New Zealand’s South Island at 52º 33’S.
  • The islands were “discovered” by Europeans on 4 January 1810 by Captain Frederick Hasselburgh on the Perseverance and were reserved in 1954.
  • The island group is known for its flora and fauna, much of which is endemic to Campbell Island and other Subantarctic Islands, with some species only found in the Campbell Island group and nowhere else on Earth.
  • Sheep (for farming) and rats (on accident) were introduced to the Campbell Islands long ago but have since been eradicated due to extensive efforts by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation Since the eradication of non-native species, the native flora and fauna have bounced back.

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Campbell Island New Zealand Map
Click map above to view on Google Maps

How To Get To Campbell Island

Getting to Campbell Island is only possible by helicopter or chartered vessels.

Most visitors come via expedition cruise ship from Invercargill/Bluff or Christchurch. If boarding a ship from Christchurch, make sure and check out this itinerary from Christchurch to Queenstown with Enterprise. I visited Campbell Island in February 2017 on the M/V Ortelius with Oceanwide Expeditions.

Weather On Campbell Island

Generally, the weather is cloudy, windy, wet, and cold. 75% of the year you can expect 65 kph gusts on any given day. About 300 days per year you can expect precipitation to fall in the form of rain or snow.

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What To See & Do On Campbell Island

Anisotome Latifolia, Campbell Island Carrot, Campbell Island, New Zealand, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, New Zealand Subantarctic Islands, Megaherb, Megaherbs,
Campbell Island Carrot
Campbell Island Daisy, Pluerophyllum Specious, Campbell Island, New Zealand, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, New Zealand Subantarctic Islands, Daisy, purple daisy
Campbell Island Daisy
Pleurophyllum Hookeri, Megaherb, megaherbs, New Zealand, Campbell Island, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, Silver-leaf Daisy, Sage-green Rosette Herb
Silver Leaf Daisy

Unique Flora

The Campbell Islands are home to unusual plants, including its famous megaherbs. Many of the grasses and megaherbs are endemic to The Campbell Islands or at least to New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands. Some of Campbell Island’s most well-known megaherbs include:

  • Cambell Island Daisy Pluerophyllum Speciosum
  • Silver Leaf Daisy or Sage Green Rosette Herb Pluerophyllum Hookeri
  • Campbell Island Carrot Anisotome Latifolia
Campbell Island Shag, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, Campbell Island, New Zealand
Campbell Island Shag
Albatross, Southern Royal Albatross, Campbell Island, New Zealand, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, New Zealand Subantarctic Islands,
The Southern Royal Albatross nesting on Campbell Island
Subantarctic Skua, Skua, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, Campbell Island, New Zealand
Subantarctic Skua on the beach

Rare Birds

The Campbell Islands are albatross central: Six different types of Albatross breed on Campbell Island, one of which (the Campbell Island Mollyhawk) breeds nowhere else. Species that breed on the islands include:

  • Light Mantled Sooty Albatross
  • Southern Royal Albatross
  • Antipodean Albatross
  • Grey-Headed Mollyhawk
  • Black-Browed Mollyhawk

Other birds that can be spotted on the islands include:

  • New Zealand Antarctic Tern
  • Northern Giant Petrel
  • Sooty Shearwater
  • White Chinned Petrel
  • Subantarctic Diving Petrel
  • Grey-Backed Storm Petrel
  • Subantarctic Skua
  • Campbell Island Shag
Crested penguin, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, Campbell Island, New Zealand
Crested Penguin


Other seabirds that can be found on the Campbell Islands are penguins, both of which species are quite rare. Penguins found on Campbell Island include:

  • Yellow-Eyed Penguin
  • Eastern Rockhopper Penguin

Land Birds

Land birds also call the Campbell Islands home. Landbirds include:

  • Campbell Island Teal
  • Campbell Island Snipe
  • New Zealand Pipit
New Zealand Sea Lion, Sea Lion, New Zealand, Campbell Island, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands
New Zealand Sea Lion

And Mammals

The Northwest Bay of Campbell Island is the best place to spot New Zealand Sea Lions and Southern Elephant Seals. New Zealand Fur Seals can be spotted around the islands as well.

For whales, Northwest Bay in the winter will be your best bet to spot the Southern Right Whale. However, you’d be more likely to see them in the Auckland Islands (another New Zealand Subantarctic Island group).

Beeman Hill, Campbell Island, New Zealand, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands
Beeman Hill

Take A Hike

The best way to explore Campbell Island and view its rare plants and animals is by way of a marked hiking trail.

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See The World’s Most Remote Tree

There’s a Sitka Spruce that’s over 100 years old planted on Campbell Island. The nearest tree is 222 km away on the Auckland Islands.

basalt, basalt columns, Campbell Island, New Zealand, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands
Basalt Columns in Perseverance Harbour

Cruise Past The Basalt Columns

The Basalt Columns of Perseverance Harbor are a unique geological sight to see on Campbell Island.

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Perseverance Harbor, Campbell Island, New Zealand, Subantarctic, Subantarctic Islands, New Zealand Subantarctic Islands,
The M/V Ortelius in Perseverance Harbor

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