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Lastovo Island Travel Guide: Croatia’s Favorite Remote Island

Updated December 2023, Lastovo Island Travel Guide was originally written in October 2018

Lastovo Island is Croatia’s most remote inhabited island, located in South Dalmatia. Lastovo still remains fairly untouched and off the main Dalmatia Island tourist trail of Brač, Hvar, Vis & Korčula.

Lastovo is the largest of the 46 islands making up the Lastovo Archipelago and it is the most forested of all of Croatia’s Islands, named a Croatian Nature Park in 2007.

The island is home to roughly 800 people, the vast majority of which live on the largest island in the archipelago named Lastovo.

The only way to reach Lastovo Island is by ferry and catamaran from Split.

So how did I stumble across Lastovo Island? I met a couple in Budapest at the hostel I was staying at on my first trip to Europe.

They’d asked about my onward travel plans and I mentioned Croatia in there. It just so happened that they were on their way back home to Romania after their honeymoon to Lastovo Island. They pulled out a brochure and showed me pictures. I was sold.

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How To Get To Lastovo Island

Lastovo Island is connected by catamaran and car ferry to mainland Croatia.

Catamaran: A daily catamaran from Split, stopping in Hvar and Korčula en route to Lastovo departs at 2:00 pm and arrives at 5:00 pm in summer (June-September) and 3:00 pm arriving at 6:00 pm the rest of the year. One-way tickets are 70 KN. The return catamaran departs Lastovo at 4:25 am and arrives at Split at 7:20 am.

Ferry: A ferry connects Split with Lastovo, departing Split at 5:30 pm and arriving at 10:00 pm. One-way tickets for passengers are 65 KN. One-way cost for vehicles starts at 470 KN. The return ferry departs Lastovo at 4:30 am and arrives at Split at 9:00 am.

You can purchase tickets from Jadrolinija online or at the Jadrolinija port office in Split and Ubli (Lastovo).

*Departures can vary and be canceled due to weather

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Split, Croatia, Dalmatia
Split, Croatia

What To See & Do On Lastovo Island

  • Relax on the quiet beaches
  • Eat locally caught seafood
  • Go hiking and walking on island trails
  • Stargaze at Hum, the highest point on Lastovo Island and rumored best night sky in Europe
  • Cycle the island’s main road
  • Snorkle and scuba dive in the crystal clear waters off shore
  • Visit all 6 villages of Ubli, Lastovo, Pasadur, Zaklopatica, Lucica, and Skrivena Luka

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Where To Sleep On Lastovo Island

When I visited Lastovo Island we stayed at Hotel Solitudo in Ubli, which I do recommend especially for those traveling in pairs.

Croatia, Lastovo, Lastovo Island, Lastovo Island Travel, Croatia Islands, Dalmatia Islands, Ubli

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15 thoughts on “Lastovo Island Travel Guide: Croatia’s Most Remote Island”

  1. Hi Nicki, just wanted to thank you really quick for this article. I was looking at a map of Croatia (I am planning a holiday for next summer) and began searching the island names and came across your blog post. I’ll be adding Lastovo to my itinerary thanks to you! Best of luck out there, Phil

  2. Thanks for making this post, I am planning my visit to Croatia next year and want to spend most of my time exploring the islands. I’d never heard of Lastova until now!

  3. Glad to have found your website! Will be going to Croatia with my husband next summer and want to explore the islands 🙂

  4. Wow, I wish I’d have known about this island when I visited this summer! I am already planning a return visit in 2020, so I will definitely be writing this one down on my list of where to visit next time.

    1. It’s definitely worth the visit and is quieter compared to some of the more popular island and coastal areas of Croatia. Hope you have a lovely return in 2020!

  5. Thanks for putting Lastovo Island on my list! I plan to visit Croatia with friends next summer, but hadn’t heard of this island before.

    1. Lastovo still is a little off the main trail in Croatia, I’d have never known of it had I not been told by a couple that had just returned from a visit

  6. Croatia is such a gem and it definitely is one of my favourite places to visit. I have never been to Lastovo Island but it sounds delightful. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Isn’t just beautiful? It’s one of the first countries I visited and will always be special to me (along with Montenegro & Slovenia). They’re definitely what made me love travel. Hope you make it to Lastovo, it’s just gorgeous!

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