Tripeak Trail, Dilijan, Dilijan National Park, Tavush, Armenia, Caucasus

Hiking the Tripeak Trail in
Dilijan National Park, Armenia

Hiking the Tripeak Trail in Dilijan National Park, Armenia was originally published in August 2023

Looking for a half-day hike with epic aerial views in Dilijan National Park?

That’s how I landed on the Tripeak Hike, on my recent trip to Dilijan.

I should have known better that visiting in March would be quite wet in Armenia but it looked like I was about to get a sliver of sunshine on my trip up to Dilijan National Park, and I did.

So I utilized this time to summit 2,420 meter Mount Andzavabatsat as part of the Tripeak Trail that I found through HikeArmenia.

The views from the top with aerial views down onto Dilijan Town are more than enough to lure anyone up to this summit.

Heading to Dilijan and need help planning? Check out my guide to Dilijan which includes the top things to do in Diijan, the best restaurants, where to stay, and more. 

In this guide to the Tripeak Hike, you’ll find everything you need to know before you set out on one of Dilijan’s best day hikes.

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How to Get to the Start of the Tripeak Trailhead for Mount Andzavabatsat

Tripeak Hike, Andzavabatsat, Dilijan National Park, Armenia
Signs at the trailhead for Tripeak and Nature Pilgrimage

The trailhead for the Tripeak Hike begins at the end of Shamakhyan Road, which is about 4.6 kilometers outside of the Dilijan city center. 

A taxi to the trailhead will cost around 500 AMD. Make sure and te your driver you’re wanting to go to Shamakhyan.

Do this even if you’re ordering the taxi through a rideshare app like Yandex, as your taxi driver will still probably be confused about why you’re going there and ask where you are going.

My taxi driver did exactly this even though I had put the destination into the app. We had a little back and forth in my limited Russian and handful of Armenian words and finally, he laughed and told me next time to ask for Shamakhyan and that all the drivers generally know the area. 

Those that don’t mind tacking on a few kilometers to the Tripeak Hike can opt to walk to the trailhead from the center of Dilijan.

There was one bar of LTE on my phone when I got dropped off at the trailhead, so in theory, you should be able to order a taxi if you end your trek in this same spot when you are finished.

If your phone isn’t working, you can probably start walking down and hitchhike the remainder of the way to town. I’ve done a lot of hitching in Armenia and usually find a ride quite quickly. 

The Trek to the Summit of Mount Andzavabatsat

Tripeak Hike, Andzavabatsat, Dilijan National Park, Armenia
Easy trekking along a road bed

From the trailhead on Shamakhyan Road, most of the route up to Mount Andzavabatsat is along an old road bed.

The road bed is still in use though, I saw some tractors from (I’m guessing) a nearby farm along the lower part of it and even a group in a Landcruiser.

Tripeak Hike, Andzavabatsat, Dilijan National Park, Armenia
The last bit of trail up Mount Andzavabatsat

The trekking is easy as the route is clear and obvious. Do note that in the spring or after a rain parts of the trail can get quite muddy and slippery.

Not too far before the summit, this clear path dissipates as you get to the last section of the trail that summits Mount Andzavabatsat.

Tripeak Hike, Andzavabatsat, Dilijan National Park, Armenia
The path disappears

From here on, you’re on your own and will need to make your way to the top, but the walking is easy enough.

When you reach the summit you’ll find a large metal tripod, marking the top of Mount Andzavabatsat.

Tripeak Hike, Andzavabatsat, Dilijan National Park, Armenia
The metal tripod at the top of Andzavabatsat Peak

Mount Andzavabatsat, along with the peaks of Eastern Ayrikar and Western Ayrikar form part of the natural border between Tavush and Lori Provinces.

Of course, those looking for a bigger challenge can opt to continue their peak baggery by summiting 2,767 meter Eastern Ayrikar and 2,781 meter Western Ayrikar.

The Trek Back Down from Mount Andzavabatsat

Mount Andzavabatsat Summit, Tri Peak Trail, Dilijan, Dilijan National Park, Tavush, Armenia, Caucasus
Views looking back down toward Dilijan

You have many options for getting down from the summit of Mount Andzavabatsat. 

This trek can easily be done as an out-and-back returning to the trailhead from which you started.

But if you’re me you’re always looking for something different so I ended up making a loop around Mount Andzavabatsat and taking a different set of tracks back down. 

The route I took went past some rural farm homes, one of which had two friendly dogs who greeted me and one not-so-friendly one (I would lean to think he was a shepherding dog) but he was tied up to the house at least.

Eventually, the path joined alongside the Kayenajur River, went past the Ecokayan Dilijan Resort, and landed me on a dirt road that past the Soldier’s Pond and back down to the main roundabout in the middle of Diijan.

Continuing to the Summits of East & West Ayrikar

For those wanting to continue, it’s another 7 kilometers roughly to reach the two other peaks and there is no official trail, so you’ll need to use route-finding skills to make it up there.

GPX Files Based on My Hike Up the Trip Peak Trail 

Distance: 16.34 km | Elevation gain / loss: 911 m / 1,199 m | Time: 5.5 hours

Tripeak Hike, Dilijan National Park, Armenia
Click to view and get my GPX file on Wikiloc

How to Get to Dilijan

Getting to Dilijan is simple and easy. You have the option to reach Dilijan by marshrutka, taxi, or self-driving. For full details on getting to Dilijan with prices, times, and more check out my post covering how to get to Dilijan.

Monument to the 50th Anniversary of Soviet Armenia, Dilijan, Dilijan National Park, Tavush, Armenia, Caucasus
Monument to the 50th Anniversary of Soviet Armenia in downtown Dilijan

Where to Stay in Dilijan

There are an array of accommodation options in Dilijan that will suit most travel budgets. Here are a few to check out:

Have any questions about the Tripeak Hike in Dilijan?

Ask in the comments section below. 

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