Wind Cave, Logan County, Utah

The Wind Cave Hike in Logan Canyon, Utah

The Wind Cave Hike in Logan Canyon, Utah was originally published in 2024

The Wind Cave Trail leads to a natural cave-meets-tunnel featuring limestone arches and hollows situated in Logan Canyon, Utah

I made the journey north of Salt Lake City in late February to slop of muddy trails to check out these Wind Caves outside of Logan.

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How Did the Wind Cave Form?

Wind Cave, Logan County, Utah

The Wind Caves were formed deep underground as water seeped through cracks within layers of limestone rock and gradually dissolved the limestone. This resulted in these caverns. 

Eventually, the Logan River’s downward erosion exposed these caverns. The arches visible today were sculpted as water continued to erode the limestone from both ends of the cavern.

Contrary to its name the Wind Cave, the arches were formed by water erosion, not wind.

How to Get to the Wind Cave Trailhead

Wind Cave Trailhead, Logan Canyon, Utah

The Wind Cave Hiking Trail is one of Logan Canyon’s most popular hikes and is easy to reach.

The Wind Cave Trailhead is located in Logan Canyon about 7.5 miles from downtown Logan on the US-89.

The Wind Cave Trailhead is just a small pull-off along the highway and in summer it fills up early so you will see cars parked along the side of the highway.

From Logan, it’s about a 10 minute drive to reach the Wind Cave Trailhead. If coming from Salt Lake City, it will take about 90 minutes to reach. 

Do note that there are no restrooms at the trailhead.

Hiking to the Wind Cave

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3.7 miles return

Elevation gain
1095 feet +/1095 –

90 minutes-2 hours

The Wind Cave Trail features a gradual elevation gain of 1095 feet over a course of long switchbacks, on an established trail.

 The trail meanders through the forest and open areas giving a mix of different sceneries.

Wind Cave Trail, Logan Canyon, Utah

Along the way, hikers can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding canyon, the most notable among these vistas is the sight of the 200-foot cliffs across the canyon, known as the China Wall.

Finally, when you reach the Wind Cave, the trail will seemingly end atop the cave roof. You’ll step down on large boulders to reach the cave entrance. 

Wind Cave, Logan Canyon, Utah

As you enter the Wind Cave, you’ll have a window-like view of Logan Canyon below. 

Just after entering the cave, you will notice a natural skylight to your left. Continuing on, the floor slopes towards the southeast, leading to a cliff. 

Do note that in the spring the Wind Cave Trail can be muddy and icy. 

Camping Near the Wind Cave Trailhead

The Wind Cave Trailhead sits opposite the Guinavah Campground along the US-89. The campground features over 30 camping sites that start at $22 per night. You can make advanced reservations.

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