The Best Hostels in Anchorage, Alaska

Updated August 2023, The Best Hostels In Anchorage, Alaska was originally written in April 2018

Okay, let’s be real here- hostelling is a fairly new concept in Alaska, so this post should more appropriately be named ‘The Only Hostels in Anchorage‘.

I’ve lived just outside Anchorage my entire life and can attest to the fact that hostelling is a relatively new concept here. Accommodation prices, along with everything else in Alaska are insanely expensive, especially in the summertime. There are a handful of hostels that have popped up around Anchorage in the last few years.

Below are the eight best deals on accommodation in Anchorage, six of which are hostels with dorm rooms available and two that have private rooms on offer with shared bathrooms.

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Base Camp Anchorage

Base Camp Anchorage is conveniently located in midtown with restaurants and grocery stores not too far away. Dorm and private rooms available. Includes breakfast, free wifi, on-site and parking is available.

Address: 1037 West 26th Avenue | |

Arctic Adventure Hostel

Arctic Adventure Hostel is located in midtown Anchorage within walking distance of restaurants and grocery stores. Dorm and private rooms available. Free wifi is available throughout the property and parking is available.

Address: 337 West 33rd Avenue | |

Bent Prop Inn & Hostel Downtown

Bent Prop Inn & Hostel Downtown is conveniently located in downtown Anchorage within walking distance of many of the city’s bars, restaurants, and attractions. Dorm, double and triple rooms available. Free wifi available on site.

Address: 700 H Street | |

Bent Prop Inn & Hostel Midtown

Bent Prop Inn & Hostel Midtown is located in midtown within walking distance of restaurants and grocery stores. Dorms and private rooms with free wifi and parking available.

Address: 3104 Eide Street | |

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Qupqugiaq Inn

Qupqugiaq Inn is Located between midtown and Spenard, with restaurants within walking distance. Private rooms with shared bathroom, dorm, and sleeping pods on offer. Breakfast is included and free wifi and parking is available.

Address: 640 West 36th Avenue | |

Spenard Hostel International

Spenard Hostel International is located in the neighborhood of Spenard, which is not too far from the airport. There are three dorms, one male, one female, and one mixed with 6 beds in each dorm for a rate of $34 with a shared bathroom.

For $22 per night, you can pitch your tent in the yard with use of facilities, shared bathroom, and kitchen. Each additional person in the tent will cost $15 per night. Parking is available and there is free wifi. 

Address: 2845 W. 42 Avenue |

Ingra House

The Ingra House is located just east of downtown Anchorage. Private double rooms with shared and private bathrooms available. Free wifi and parking available.

Address: 641 Ingra Street | |

Sockeye Inn

Sockeye Inn is located in midtown. Private double rooms with shared and private bathrooms. Free wifi and parking available.

Address: 303 West Fireweed Lane | |

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