10 Reasons to Visit Alaska

By Nicole

10 Reasons to Visit Alaska

Often when people announce they’re going to Alaska the first question they’re met with is: Why? Alaska doesn’t fit the bill for what most people picture on vacation, but that is part of the allure. The 49th state has rightly earned its nickname as the Last Frontier, packed with staggering mountains amidst glaciers clung to their sides, big game wildlife, towering icebergs, lively cities, a unique culture, historic mining communities and a thousand things in between. Do you need any more reasons to visit Alaska?

Now is a better time than ever to visit Alaska. And yes: the snow does melt in the summer.


1. The Northern Lights

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Hint: The best months to view the aurora are March and September!

Kick back and watch mother nature at work. Watch ribbons of color burst from the sky and dance all around. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll even hear the crackling of the late night atmospheric phenomenon. Note that due to the endless sun in the summer time the Northern Lights are not visible in June and July, and rare to witness in early August and late May.


2. Glaciers

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Inside the ice cave at Spencer Glacier. Did you know you can visit Spencer Glacier by train? Check out this post to find out how you can visit!

With an estimated 100,000 glaciers within the state prepare to be wowed by ice. Alaska has a number of roadside glaciers that can be easily accessed by visitors. These include Byron Glacier, Matanuska Glacier, Mendenhall Glacier, Exit Glacier and many, many more!


3. Wildlife

The Road To Kantishna, moose, Denali national park, Denali, Denali moose, 10 reasons to visit Alaska
A moose at Denali National Park.

No I’m not talking about Alaska’s nightlife. I’m talking about all the critters running about the majestic lands. From bears to moose, caribou, eagles and more. Alaska has no shortage of wildlife. One of the best places to see Alaskan wildlife? Denali National Park. Wanna self drive through Alaska’s most famous park? Read this post here to apply for your Denali Road Lottery Permit.


4. The Midnight Sun

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The crack of 10pm in early May!

Being in the far reaches of the northern latitudes Alaska sees nearly endless daylight in the summer months.


5. All Those Roads to Nowhere

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Alaska has no shortage of near-desolate roads.

There’s no shortage of roadtrip opportunities in the United State’s largest state. It’s true, if you sliced Alaska in half Texas would become the third largest state. It’s that big. Although the road network in Alaska only covers a tiny fraction of the land, there’s countless nooks to explore from the roadways.


6. Towering Mountains

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Feeling tiny as the nearby mountains tower above you.

Alaska is home to North America’s tallest mountain: Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley). Hardcore mountaineering not your thing? There are plenty of mountains to explore all over the state for every hiking/physical level. From the looming Alaska Range housing Alaska’s biggest mountains, to the far north Brooks Range, Chugach State Park and all the ones in between.


7. The Endless Adventure

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This hike takes you to two stunning lakes, where you can bring packable kayaks or stand-up paddle boards to cruise around the glacially fed waters.

Alaskans are always up to something adventurous and seemingly crazy. Hiking, surfing, sea kayaking among icebergs, cruising along faces of glaciers and more! If you’re an adventure seeker, Alaska is definitely the place for you.


8. Remote Wilderness

Reed lakes, Hatcher's Pass, Hatcher Pass, Alaska, reasons to visit Alaska, 10 reasons to visit Alaska
You actually don’t have to venture far to get away from it all in Alaska.

Wanting to get away from it all? That’s an easy prospect in a land as wild as Alaska. Escape the crowds and check out Alaska’s lesser known attractions.


9. World Class Fishing

…and sometimes you catch little fish too, in my case!

Alaska is home to world class fishing and is dotted with exclusive and remote fishing lodges. Of course there are countless charter companies to take you out fishing for our tasty salmon, halibut, and more!


10. The Skiing and Snowboarding

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Look at all that powder!

With long winters and regions that get dumped on, the backcountry opportunities are endless. For those not as wild at heart we do have a few ski resorts as well.

Looking for some backcountry suggestions? Check out my post on Free places to ski and snowboard near Anchorage.

Will Alaska be your next adventure?

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