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How to get to Socotra

Updated March 2024, How to get to Socotra was originally written in May 2019

Likely, the most asked question I receive from readers or people on social media is, “how do I get to Socotra?“. Since 2019, I have been taking groups to explore Socotra alongside a local operator.

I first visited in 2014 with ease just before the war took hold in the mainland of Yemen and have been dying to get back there.

Since 2015 getting to Socotra has been extremely difficult and nearly impossible to get to.

In late 2018 it was announced that Yemenia Airlines flights would resume to Socotra from Cairo.

Weeks later in March 2021 it was announced that Air Arabia would start flying a route between Abu Dhabi and Socotra. In this post, you will find info on both flight routes.

Know that getting to Socotra is still not the walk in the park it was when I first visited in 2014, there are still a lot of hoops to jump through, but it is nonetheless possible. I will walk you through the steps in this post.

Start planning your trip here: The Socotra travel guide
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The Once Per Week Yemenia Flight From Cairo

On Sunday night, a flight connects Cairo, Egypt to Aden, Yemen, and continues on to Socotra Island on Monday morning. One thing to note is that this routing requires a permit from the Yemeni Ministry of Interior and isn’t the easiest thing to acquire, your local operator you book your trip through should be able to secure this for you a few weeks in advance of your trip.

Know that this schedule is subject to frequent changes.

The Air Arabia Flight From Abu Dhabi

In March 2021 it was announced that Air Arabia would begin flying an Abu Dhabi-Socotra route on Tuesdays. Starting in 2023, they added a second flight each week on Fridays during the high season (November-March). I’ll give more details about this route as well as the Yemenia flight later in this post

Price Of The Yemenia Flight

The Yemenia flight to Socotra from Cairo is not cheap. Yemenia currently has a monopoly on the route and that definitely reflects in the cost.

As of January 2024, the current price for an economy class roundtrip ticket from Cairo to Socotra is typically around $1,160 USD.

Price Of The Air Arabia Flight

The Air Arabia flight from Abu Dhabi is a bit less in cost and does not require stopping over in Seiyun.

As of January 2024, the current price for an economy class roundtrip ticket from Abu Dhabi to Socotra is $950 USD.

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How To Book The Air Arabia Flight

  • You cannot book the flight online
  • It easiest to have your tour operator connect you with the rep at the Air Arabia office in Hadiboh to handle booking. Alternatively, you can make these arrangements directly from an Air Arabia office in the UAE

How To Book The Yemenia Flight

  • You cannot book the flight online
  • As with the Air Arabia flight, it’s easiest to have your tour operator connect you with the rep at Yemenia who will book ticket for you. You can also have your tour operator put you in contact with the office to make payment by bank wire yourself
  • Tickets can only be purchased in cash or via bank wire
  • You need a security clearance from the Yemeni Ministry of Interior in order to use this flight as it routes through Aden. Your tour operator will provide this document to you
  • A copy of your Yemeni visa and invitation letter (provided by the tour operator), along with a copy of your passport must be provided to Yemenia at the time of booking. Once the ticket is booked Yemenia will issue the ticket in your name and you’ll be given an e-ticket number that you will use when checking in at Cairo International Airport

I know the lists for both airlines seems pretty straightforward, but there are a few things that make ticking all these boxes off a little tricky.

Why Booking A Ticket To Socotra Can Be Difficult

  • Either flight has a tendency to book out well in advance, especially the direct flight from Abu Dhabi.
  • You must present a copy of your visa paper to the airline at check in. Yemen will not issue your visa more than 30 days before your planned arrival in Socotra.
Yemeni visa slip

How To Get A Yemeni Visa

The only way of securing a Yemeni visa is by contacting and booking a tour with a local operator. Here’s a few bits of info you need to know:

Yemeni visa, Yemen visa
  • Most all nationalities need a visa to enter Yemen, including Socotra
  • Visas will not be issued by an embassy or consulate
  • You must arrange a visa with a Yemeni operator (as mentioned previously) who will secure your visa in Yemen and send you a paper copy of your visa that you will print (2 copies) and carry with you
  • Visas cost $150 USD and are valid for 30 days from the date of entry
  • Visas will not be issued more than 30 days prior to your anticipated arrival
  • Visas are only valid for entry 30 days from the date of issue
  • Those with evidence of travel to Israel (even if Israel didn’t stamp your passport, but you have an exit/entrance stamp from a neighboring country’s land border with Israel) will be denied entry to Yemen and put on the next flight out at their own expense
  • Please do not email me demanding to know how to get a visa without booking with a Socotri operator because you do not want to be guided/pay for it/etc. I do not make the rules and unfortunately, Socotra is not a cheap destination at present. If you want to visit so badly I suggest you start saving toward it or visit elsewhere as there are hundreds, if not thousands more easily accessed, less remote, and cheaper to visit islands on Earth. I cannot make Yemenia or Air Arabia lower the price of the flights and I cannot get operators to drop their prices.

Click here to read up on all the info you need to get a Yemeni visa


Abu Dhabi Airport Information

The Air Arabia flight to Socotra departs from the Abu Dhabi Airport, but this comes with a few caveats that I will list below.

To check in for the Air Arabia flight you will need:

  • A printed copy of your Air Arabia e-ticket
  • Your valid passport
  • A printed copy of your Yemeni visa approval

Getting To Socotra: Air Arabia Flight 476 Abu Dhabi to Socotra

This flight departs Abu Dhabi and goes directly to Socotra once per week on Tuesdays between October and mid-May. They will sometimes add an additional Friday flight between November and April (same flight numbers and same times). In mid-May Air Arabia pairs down their schedule to a Tuesday flight every other week until September. This Air Arabia route is the easiest and most direct.

Current Air Arabia departing flight schedule:

9:00 am: Depart Abu Dhabi for Socotra
10:20 am: Arrive in Socotra

Fridays (not all Fridays):
9:00 am: Depart Abu Dhabi for Socotra
10:20 am: Arrive in Socotra

Returning From Socotra: Air Arabia Flight 477 Socotra To Abu Dhabi

This flight also departs Socotra once per week on Tuesdays.

Current Air Arabia return flight schedule:

11:50 am: Depart Socotra for Abu Dhabi
3:05 pm: Arrive Abu Dhabi

Fridays (not all Fridays):
11:50 am: Depart Socotra for Abu Dhabi
3:05 pm: Arrive Abu Dhabi

Socotra Airport, Socotra International Airport, Hadibo Airport, Hadiboh International Airport, Hadiboh, Socotra, Yemen, Yemenia, SCT
Yemenia Flight IY 607 on the runway in Socotra


Cairo Airport Information

The Yemenia flight to Socotra departs from Cairo International Airport Terminal 1. There is a lot of security at this terminal in particular, but the process has sped up significantly and is a lot more organized. I still recommend arriving at the airport at least 3 hours in advance of departure.

To check in for the Yemenia flight at Cairo Airport you must bring the following:

  • Your e-ticket number issued by Yemenia at the time of booking
  • Your valid passport
  • 2 copies of your Yemeni visa approval paper
  • A couple of copies of your permit from the Ministry of Interior
  • A couple of copies of your Yemeni national security clearance paper (both this and your permit from the Ministry of Interior will be given to to by your operator)

*Please note that drones are completely illegal in Egypt. Expect to have difficulties on arrival if bringing one for Socotra and for you to be expected to leave it at the airport for the duration of your stay in Cairo until your departure (and that’s if you’re lucky, some have had them destroyed on the spot). Plan to arrive several hours early prior to departure to pick it up on your way out as well.

Getting To Socotra: Yemenia Flight IY 611/420 Cairo to Socotra

This flight departs Cairo (CAI) once per week on Sunday night, makes a stop in Aden (ADE) in mainland Yemen, then continues on to Socotra (SCT). As of 2024, this route requires a few hours in the Aden airport (3 am to 7 am).

On arrival in Aden, you will clear Yemeni immigration where you’ll need to hand over your passport, copy of visa, national security clearance, and Ministry of Interior permit. You will also need to pay a $15 USD ”stamp fee” too (no idea if this is official or not but this was my experience in March 2022. In January 2023 they did not ask us for this stamping fee, however, another group entering was asked to pay $5 per person, in April 2023 we paid $15 per person- so seems arbitrarily enforced).

On Monday morning you will board IY611 bound for Socotra with a brief stop at Riyan Airport in Mukalla (you will stay on board during the stopover).

Here is the current Yemenia flight schedule:

Sunday night – Monday morning:
10:30 pm (Sunday): Depart Cairo for Aden
3:00 am (Monday): Arrive in Aden
7:00 am (Monday): Depart Aden
10:00 am (Monday): Arrive in Socotra

GXF, Seiyun Airport, Seiyun International Airport, Seiyun Hadhramaut Airport, Seiyun Hadhramaut International Airport, Hadhramaut Airport, Yemen Airport, Seiyun, Seyyun, Hadhramaut, Yemen, Yemenia
Walking into Seiyun Airport transit hall

Info About The Yemenia Stopover In Aden

This flight used to make a brief stopover in Seiyun before the flight continued on to Socotra, but now, as of 2022 the flight lands in Aden in the early hours of Monday morning, with the Socotra flight not departing until the following morning. You will stay on the airport grounds during the stopover.

You will need to collect your checked luggage in Aden. You will then take it and exit the arrivals hall. There is seating outside where you can wait if you’d like to hang around outside before entering the departure hall. There are also a couple small kiosks selling shai (tea) and snacks outside near the seating area.

GXF, Seiyun Airport, Seiyun International Airport, Seiyun Hadhramaut Airport, Seiyun Hadhramaut International Airport, Hadhramaut Airport, Yemen Airport, Seiyun, Seyyun, Hadhramaut, Yemen, Yemenia
Views of the Hadhramaut

Regarding Safety In Aden

Because I know some of you will ask…

Most travelers are hesitant to have to make a stopover in mainland Yemen, due to the long and still ongoing war in the country. The Aden Airport is pretty secure, surrounded by military. Note that you will not be leaving the Aden Airport when stopping over here.

Socotra Airport, Socotra International Airport, Hadibo Airport, Hadiboh International Airport, Hadiboh, Socotra, Yemen, Yemenia, SCT
Arriving to Socotra Airport

Arrival In Socotra From Cairo/Aden

Flying time from Aden to Socotra takes about 3 hours. On arrival in Socotra, you will walk off the stairs of the plane, across the runway, and enter into the Socotra arrival hall.

Returning From Socotra: Yemenia Flight IY 421/612 Socotra To Cairo

This flight also departs once per week on Mondays. Same as the flight to Socotra, it will stop over in Aden but there is no overnight layover (unless your flight is late or you prefer to have one as there is a flight to Cairo the following day. The stopover time is approximately two hours if you are going to do it in one day.

Here is the current flight schedule:

11:00 am: Depart Socotra for Aden
2:00 pm: Arrive in Aden
6:00 pm: Depart Aden for Cairo
8:30 pm: Arrive Cairo

Please note that much like the flight to Socotra, it’s not unusual for the flight to leave 2-3 hours late from Socotra.

Start planning for Socotra: The Socotra Travel Guide

Taking The Cement Ship From Salalah, Oman to Socotra

From the port in Salalah, there is a cement ship that departs is supposed to depart for Socotra once per week. The boat isn’t exactly reliable as it could depart several days late, get canceled and moved to the following week, etc.

I did meet one Japanese tourist in Socotra in March 2019 that had arrived by the cement ship. She said she waited two weeks in Salalah before it finally departed. The ship can take 2-4 days to make the crossing. There is no food or water on board so you will need to come prepared. Anyone I’ve spoken to that have done it said that there are rats and cockroaches on board as well.

Reports come in that the cost of hopping on the ship is $100 USD per person. You will need to have arranged your Yemeni visa with a local operator in Socotra prior to getting on the ship. Note that this route does come with serious risks as piracy has kicked back up in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden in the last few years.

If you are not put off with dangers, risks, annoyances, and inconveniences of taking the cement ship and are still determined to travel this route please email me and I will put you in contact with my friend Faisal who can help facilitate this process.

Traveling Overland From Oman To Seiyun & Flying To Socotra

Yes. it’s possible, (as of March 2024, Yemeni authorities are not letting foreign travelers across the border from Oman) but know that this still comes with risks. Same as all other methods you will need to have a Yemeni visa pre-arranged prior to your arrival at the border.

As for getting the flight from Seiyun to Socotra, it is possible to book with the help of an agent. This method comes with serious risks as the mainland of Yemen is technically a war zone.

Some areas, of course, are in a better situation than others at the moment (I did see one man on Instagram who posted photos of him as a tourist in Yemen proclaiming “see Yemen is safe, everyone should visit, who wants to join me?!”, which is a pretty misguided, idiotic and factually incorrect statement).

This journey is best done with a highly skilled and knowledgeable fixer at this point who knows the security situations of the Hadhramaut and Al Mahrah regions. If you’d like to travel in mainland Yemen, I do arrange expeditions, so please contact me at adventuresoflilnicki @ for more details as we do not post this information online publicly.

Issues Caused By The Yemeni Visa

Some issues may arise with having a Yemeni visa in your passport. I won’t lie, the first time I visited Yemen (2014) I was detained on arrival back to the USA because of it. A friend of mine who has been living and working in the US for many years on a green card got her green card flagged for her 2019 visit to Yemen, meaning she’s still permitted to enter the USA, but now on will go through extensive questioning.

Since the US travel ban began, it’s worth noting that travel to Yemen after March 1, 2011, will make you no longer for the ESTA visa waiver program in the USA (if you’re from an eligible country). That also means travel in Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria will void it as well.

So That Is The Step By Step Process Of How To Get To Socotra In 2024

Without a doubt, Socotra is one of my most favorite places in the world and I hope the best for it and its people’s future. If you have any questions on how to get to Socotra please ask in the comments below!

Detwah Lagoon, Socotra, Yemen, Socotra Island

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  1. Hey 🙂 Great post and very excited to think about this as a possible trip from Oman…unreliable cockroach boat here I come. Question – I have my own tent, and I’m wondering if you know the prices for me to pitch it somewhere? Do I need transport and a guide? Or is hitchhiking and local transportation possible, too? I’m a budget traveler 😉 Thanks for all the information.

      1. hey Nicole,very nice post and I’m excited to think about the trip from China. Here’s some questions. If I already got B1/B2 but haven’t been to America, if I go to Socotra will it affect immigration or affect renew my visa?

  2. Hi, if I already have an ESta for US, would it then be cancelled because I travel to Socotra? Trying to figure out how to solve this as i travel to US often for work with the esta and if I’m banned from esta it might be a bit more troublesome to apply for a visa

    On the other hand, can you share the socotra travel itinerary or any trips for 2023?

    1. Technically (from how I understand it) yes, it would, unfortunately, void your ESTA- though with that said I know of people continuing to travel to the US on an existing ESTA after having visited Yemen (or another blacklisted country) without issue, though I think you’re essentially at the the mercy of the CBP agent checking your passport on entry. So in your case it sounds like it would make things a bit challenging for you given that you do travel to the US for work often.

      That all said I do have a departure lined up for 29 January – 6 February, 2023 if you do decide to visit next year!

  3. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for all your very well researched information. I have visited Socotra (the main island once) and Yemen (several times) previously, before the war. However, I’m exploring the possibility of a return trip to the archipelago. I was initially thinking about the boat from Oman. The cockroach infestation doesn’t put me off, but the prospect of waiting two weeks is more difficult to reconcile. Is the boat, any boat, still operating and is it still as unreliable? As an alternative, do you have any idea of the ticket cost from Seiyun to Socotra? The $1,000 tickets from CAI and AUH are just beyond my budget. Thanks very much in advance. Best, Nick

    1. Hi Nick,
      The flights to Socotra from mainland are now going from Mukalla to Hadiboh now rather than Seiyun and run around $190 USD one way. The cement boat is still unreliable for the schedule o could get lucky or stuck waiting a long time in Salahlah

  4. So glad I found this blog….thanks so much for the details, I really appreciate it!!
    We are planning a fishing trip there in March/April next year out of Abu Dhabi and I would have been put on the return flight as I have a Jordan and Egypt stamp in my passport, even though I have never been to Israel!

    1. Hope you enjoy it out there! Sounds like you’re going for the grand travelli out there. Re the Jordan/Egypt stamps, the only issue that would be caused by them is if you went to/from Israel into either Jordan or Egypt because they know what exit/entrance border points to look for

  5. Super useful info! We are going to Socotra on 14th Feb. Our plan is the same as you outline – landing in Dubai and testing there. However, it is a news that Air Arabia can handle the transfer to Abu Dhabi. Can you share more details on that?

  6. Hi Nicole – Thanks so much for this…
    So, I will be travelling to Socotra from the US. I will fly to Dubai, then transit to Abu Dhabi, then to Socotra, then back to Abu Dhabi and back to Dubai.
    Question, regarding visas….. If I wish to spend a few days in Dubai, ideally after Socotra and before flying home to the US, how do I handle the visas?

    When I initially land in Dubai from the US, do I get:

    A) a transit visa to get to Abu Dhabi, then when I return from Socotra, I then get a tourist visa?
    B) just get a tourist visa when I first arrive in Dubai


    1. Hey Timm, the local operator you’ve booked your Socotra trip with will handle you visa for Yemen- you will have a paper copy that you will present at boarding in Abu Dhabi and hand over on arrival in Socotra in return for your visa stamp.

    1. The flights cost $800-1300 normally depending on route and what even is possible/available/etc. Per-day costs on the island if camping (this also includes your transport and guide) are usually a minimum of $140/day per person but can obviously go up depending on what you plan to do while there. If you want to stay in one of the two hotels in Hadiboh every night that will cost an additional ~$100/night (though these rooms are usually double occupancy). Your visa will cost about $150.

  7. Anjum Lawrence


    How do I get there from Oman please? We would like to drive to Abu Dhabi and catch flight. Are you aware of the current quarantine requirements?

    1. I’m not sure 100% of the requirements driving into the UAE to Oman at the moment, but my assumption with how the “transit” in Abu Dhabi works, driving into the UAE from Oman may potentially cause problems. I would recommend contacting Air Arabia (or if you’re already in contact with an operator in Socotra, one of them) to confirm if it possible to drive to Abu Dhabi without having to take a 10 day quarantine.

  8. Hi Nicki… Thanks for your posts, its great info…
    I have a quick question… what if you’re in Yemen already, can you get a flight from Seiyun to Socotra? Or would I have to leave Yemen, go to Cairo, and fly back to Socotra (via Seiyun)…?

    1. Hi Noreen,
      Good question 🙂
      If you’re going to be traveling in Yemen prior to going to Socotra you can hop the flight from Seiyun to Socotra. In order to do this, you’ll need to have whoever is guiding you in Mainland Yemen to arrange the ticket via the local Yemenia office in Seiyun in advance.

  9. I believe the US doesn’t allow online ESTA applications from anyone who has been to Yemen since 2011, regardless of whether they have any trace of it in their passport. One has to apply for a B1/B2 visa to get into the US after this.

  10. Hi there, great article. I have been looking into traveling to Socotra for awhile now since I heard about it from some fellow travelers that went awhile ago. I knew you can’t go to Yemen if you have been to Israel but I was wondering do you know if there are any countries that won’t let you in if you have been to Yemen. When I google this I just always get the sites that say don’t go to Yemen it is dangerous.

    1. Hi Daniella, I don’t believe there’s any restrictions for those with Yemen visas in their passports (aside from no longer being eligible for ESTA visa waiver for visitors to the US. When I visited Socotra earlier this year they did ask whether or not we wanted the stamp (there’s a slip of paper you have to keep with you until you depart the country that suffices for them).

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