Alaska State Fair, Alaska

Eating My Way Across The Alaska State Fair

The only reason I really like the Alaska State Fair anymore is the food there.

And it’s a love/hate because I love eating, but I usually eat myself into an induced food coma.

So here are the foods I managed to cram in before I felt like beaching myself on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

But first, and most importantly, get a drink before you start.  Lucky for me the Wineck Barn Garden is just past the main entrance.

Alaska State Fair, Alaska, wine

It’s like they knew Amanda and I were coming!

Alaska State Fair, Alaska, wine

The next stop was over to Ma’s Gourmet Dogs for a Reindeer Sausage.  We needed a snack to hold us over for the walk to the next spot.

Alaska State Fair, Alaska, reindder hot dog

And then we got side tracked over to the Sluice Box for beers on the way over.

Alaska State Fair, Alaska

Then finally made our way over to what I came here for: To go try out Fish On! Camp Grill.

Eating my way across the Alaska State Fair, king crab legs, Alaska crab, Alaska king crab

The king crab was good and spiced well. The main dish I came for was the Umiak. Which from the picture doesn’t look too exciting seeing that all you can see is the native style fry bread. Underneath is a salmon fillet stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno and wrapped in bacon. And those are just a few of my favorite things. This was definitely my favorite dish of the fair this year.

Alaska State Fair, Alaska, fry bread and salmon

The fry bread was really good too. It’s literally just a piece of dough that is flattened and fried. Kind of tastes like a funnel cake without the sugar.

Alaska State Fair, Alaska

Next we made way over to Green Trail for some baked potatoes.

We got in line at the Potato Palace. Amanda went for the Chili-Cheese Bacon Baked Potato and I opted for the Chicken Curry Baked Potato.

Alaska State Fair, Alaska, Chicken curry baked potato

The Chicken curry was actually really good. It was yellow curry spice with carrots, cilantro and peanuts over a baked potato.

I didn’t love Amanda’s Chili-Cheese Bacon quite as much, but it still wasn’t bad. It had homemade chili with bacon bits and nacho cheese over the baked potato.

Then we came across the dude puking in a trash can near the rides.

Next, we needed some dessert and went over to Hoop N’ Hula. These are by far the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. No matter how full I am I will always grab a chocolate chip from here before I leave.

Alaska State Fair, Alaska, cookies

Then my final food stop was for Cheese Curds over at Great Alaskan Food Adventure. It’s literally deep-fried cheese curds. So good, and really a hard food to mess up. They also sell flavored sodas.

Alaska State Fair, Alaska, cheese curds

Some other favorites that I love from the Alaska State Fair that I didn’t have room for today are:

Aunt Linda’s Funnel Cakes

How can you beat a fair funnel cake? How?

Cornucopia Cones


Curly Bob’s

Deep fried potatoes and the deep fried onion.

Denali Cream Puffs

Cream puff covered in mixed berries.

Friar Tuck’s

Roasted sweet corn, and a whole tent full of spices to adorn your corn on the cob with.

Mr. Gyro

Gyros of course!

Red Bird Kitchen

Probably the healthiest place here. The hummus and the tabouli are amazing.

Salmon Express

Salmon quesadillas are the best.

Talkeetna Spinach Bread

Almost like a flat bread with toppings.

The Crab Shack

My fave here is the scallops. The crab cakes are very good too.

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    1. Thanks John,
      I know I have a love/hate with AK for sure, sometimes I can’t wait to leave and travel somewhere else and then after I’m out I can’t wait to get back to it!

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