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A Quick Guide to Jeti Oguz, Kyrgyzstan

Updated June 2024, A Quick Guide To Jeti Oguz, Kyrgyzstan was originally written in December 2019

Jeti Oguz is a popular day trip from the nearby town of Karakol. With its red rock “Seven Bulls” and the split in half “Broken Heart”, Jeti Oguz draws in both foreign and domestic tourists alike.

While most people do visit as a quick day trip to see the main sites right off the main road, this is just the beginning of the adventures to be had in Jeti Oguz.

In this guide you’ll find information on how to get to, the best places to stay and things to do in Jeti Oguz.

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Things To Do In Jeti Oguz

Jeti Oguz, Jeti Oguz sunset, Kyrgyzstan
Jeti Oguz at sunset

See The Seven Bulls

The Seven Bulls are one of the main attractions in Jeti Oguz. As you enter the valley, you’ll see them on your right.

For the best views of the Seven Bulls, hike up the trail from the village leading up the hill on the opposite side of the road. From the top, you’ll be able to get the perfect pictures of Jeti Oguz’s most famous landmark.

If you are spending the night in the village out here, rather than only doing a Jeti Oguz day trip, I recommend getting up early to watch the sunrise from the top of the hill, but if you aren’t, sunset ain’t half bad out here either.

Shop For Locally Made Honey

In the summertime, you’ll see colorful wooden boxes strung along the valley road with signs for мëд or бал, which means honey in Russian and Kyrgyz. Stop on by and pick up some locally made honey, because it’s delicious, but also because it can make a great souvenir to take home.

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Broken Heart, Broken HEart Jeti Oguz, Broken Heart Kyrgyzstan
Broken Heart, Broken HEart Jeti Oguz, Broken Heart Kyrgyzstan, golden eagle, golden eagle Kyrgyzstan

Visit The Legendary Broken Heart Rock

Pазбитое Cердце or broken heart rock is the source of many local legends of heartbreak, the most prolific being a story of two men who spilled blood, fighting for the heart of a young woman.

Both men died and the woman succumbed to her broken heart, which is conveniently located right off the road through the valley, a little way past the village.

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Jeti Oguz, Jeti Oghuz, Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide, Kyrgyzstan, Kok Jayik
Trekking in the Valley of Flowers near Jeti Oguz
Valley of Flowers, Valley of Flowers Kyrgyzstan, Kok Jaiyk, Kyrgyzstan
Driving in to the Valley of Flowers

Trek Around Kök Jaiyk (The Valley Of Flowers)

From the Kortort (the smaller village), it’s possible to go by 4WD or on foot, crisscrossing log bridges to arrive at the jailoo meadowy valley of Kök Jaiyk, better known as the Valley of Flowers by English speakers.

You’ll see shepherds heading to high pastures along the valley walls with their livestock to graze, and in the springtime red poppies bloom, washing the valley with crimson. Many locals, travelers, and even guidebooks compare the Valley of Flowers to scenes out of The Sound of Music.

There are several yurts set up along the Valley of Flowers that you can rent a bed for the night.

Hike To Devechi Kosi Falls

Once in the Valley of Flowers, you can make the short trek meandering through pine trees to Devechi Koci waterfall.

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Relax At The Hot Spring Sanatorium

For 100 KGS you can enjoy various treatments at the Sanitorium located in Jeti Oguz Korort (village) and even spend the night there for 785-1,590 KGS per night. The Sanatorium totally feels like a throwback to the Soviet Union era.

Jeti Oguz, Jeti Oguz Kortort, Kyrgyzstan

How To Get To Jeti Oguz

Slightly more expensive, but easier to set up is to take a shared taxi for about 250 KGS, or just hire out an entire car from Karakol for about 1,000 KGS one way.

Marshrutka #355 (100 KGS) runs between Karakol and Jeti Oguz Korort, typically leaving Jeti Oguz around 9 am and returning around noon, though it leaves when full, so there is no timetable.

Marshrutka #371 (80 KGS) runs between Karakol and Jeti Oguz (the larger village of the same name 12 km before Jeti Oguz Korort).

There isn’t any public transport in the valley along the main road through Jeti Oguz. In summer it’s easy enough to hitch a ride along the main road, or just hire a taxi.

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Jeti Oguz, 7 bulls, seven bulls, Kyrgyzstan

Where To Stay In Jeti Oguz

There aren’t heaps of options for accommodations in Jeti Oguz. The Emir Guesthouse, located back in the larger village of Jeti Oguz that’s 12 km from the main sites comes highly recommended.

There are also plenty of yurts that pop up, taking in tourists during the summer in the Valley of Flowers. Plan to spend about 700 KGS per person per night. You can book this yurt camp online here.

Valley of Flowers, Valley of Flowers Kyrgyzstan, Kok Jaiyk, Kyrgyzstan
Jeti Oguz, Kyrgyzstan

Where To Stock Up On Food

I’d recommend stocking up on food and supplies at the bazaar in Karakol prior to heading out to Jeti Oguz. There are a couple of shops but don’t expect to find much out there. If you’re staying at a guesthouse or yurt camp typically meals will be provided by your hosts.

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Other Treks That Can Be Added To Jeti Oguz

By adding a couple of extra days on to the trek Jeti Oguz can easily be added to the beginning or end of the Altyn Arashan-Ala Kol trek that most people come to Karakol for. Head over to the Visit Karakol office page to read up more on the trek.

Have Any Questions About Visiting Jeti Oguz?

Ask in the comments section below.

Jeti Oguz, Kyrgyzstan
Valley of Flowers, Jeti Oguz, Kyrgyzstan

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