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How to get to Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan

Updated March 2024How to get to Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan was originally written in February 2019

After arriving in Almaty on a whim in late September and meeting some people at a hostel that went in on a rental car, I decided to join the group on a day trip to Charyn Canyon. When we arrived and first stepped foot out the car door I was immediately reminded of the time I went to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The landscapes around Almaty and the whole southeast corner of Kazakhstan are extremely varied, but yet this wasn’t exactly what I expected to find around here.

I had the chance to revisit Charyn Canyon in August 2019 on an assignment with USAID in Kazakhstan, this time to camp over at Bestamak Canyon and catch an epic sunrise over the Valley of Castles.

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Quick Charyn Canyon & Kazakhstan Information

  • Currency: Kazakh Tenge (KZT). Current exchange rate (February 2024) is $1 USD = 450 KZT
  • Nearest City: Almaty
  • Drives On: Right
  • Best Time To Visit: June-September
  • Entrance Fee: 730 KZT
  • Camping: Yes, 350 KZT per tent

How To Get To Charyn Canyon

Almaty to Charyn Canyon Map
Click map above to view on Google Maps

The easiest way to get to Charyn Canyon is how I did, by renting a car with other travelers albeit this being the most expensive option. You can make your way out here by shared taxi and even hitchhiking as well.

Rental Car: You can easily rent a car in Almaty and drive it to Charyn Canyon. This will give you the freedom to stop wherever you want and be on your own schedule.

If you’d like to go off-roading it would be wise to rent a 4×4. Depending on the time of year you can find rental cars for as little as 15,000 Kazakh Tenge ($40 USD) per day, but you can expect to pay closer to 30,000 KZT ($80 USD) per day in peak times. Local agencies may be able to rent for cheaper, so if you have the time you could shop around by visiting rental car agencies.

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Shared Taxi: Head to the Sayahat Bus Station in Almaty and look for shared taxis going to Kegen, they will have signs in the windows that say (Кеген) Kegen and usually drivers will be shouting their destinations as well. A ride should cost 2,000-3,000 KZT (6-10 USD) for a one-way trip.

Ask to be dropped off at Charyn Povorot. This is the intersection of the road going into Charyn Canyon National Park from the A-351 highway. From there it is a 10 km walk into the park, though you can try your thumb at hitching from here.

Hitchhiking: The easiest spot to start hitching from is just outside Almaty on the A-351. Many drivers may expect payment so if you are planning to truly hitchhike you will need to convey this to your driver.

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Charyn Canyon Entrance Fees

Charyn, Charyn canyon, canyon, kazakhstan, charyn river
Charyn, Charyn canyon, canyon, kazakhstan

The entrance fee to go into Charyn Canyon at the gate near the Valley of Castles will set you back about 730 KZT (~$3 USD). You will need to show your passport (and driving documents if driving in). There is an additional fee for those that want to take a car onto the 4×4 tracks beyond the parking lot at the gate and viewpoint (though I didn’t catch what that fee was, oops).

For those that want to camp out here at Charyn Canyon there is an additional 350 KZT fee per tent.

Where To Go In Charyn Canyon

Valley of Castles, Valley of Castles Charyn Canyon, Valley of Castles Kazakhstan, Charyn Canyon, Charyn, Kazakhstan canyon, Sharyn Canyon, Kazakhstan
Valley of Castles

Charyn Canyon is comprised of 5 canyons actually. They are- Valley of Castles, Temirlik Canyon, Bestamak Canyon, Krasny Canyon (Red), and Dzhelty Canyon (Yellow). The Valley of Castles is the most well-known of the canyons and easiest to access.

For those with a couple of days or more to explore around, it’s definitely worth spending a couple or more days 4×4 or hiking around the canyons and camping.

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Camping At Charyn Canyon

You can camp within the national park for 350 KZT per tent, payable at the entrance gate. The best time to visit Charyn Canyon and camp is June-September, though it can get a bit crowded. Outside these months it can get quite cold at night, especially in winter.

Be sure to pack out all trash with you, there are bins at the entrance gate.

Staying In Nearby Saty Village

The nearest village with plenty of guesthouses is Saty, which is also a base for those exploring Kaindy & Kolsai Lakes. A-Frame Kolsai and Guesthouse Arcabay-Karligash are two guesthouses that do have online booking in Saty.

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Charyn, Charyn canyon, canyon, kazakhstan, camel, camels, bactrian camel

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What To Pack

  • Enough food and water for your planned stay
  • A good hiking boot

For Campers

Where To Stay In Almaty

Almaty offers a big selection of accommodation options. My favorite place to stay for cheap and meeting other backpackers is Almaty Backpackers.

Almaty Backpacker’s |

Hotel Mildom | |

Rixos Almaty Hotel | |

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Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zenkov, Zenkov Cathedral, Ascension Cathedral, Almaty Cathedral, Almaty Church, Orthodox Church, Orthodox cathedral, Panfilov Park

Need To Know More About Charyn Canyon?

Ask your Charyn Canyon questions in the comments below!

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Beshtamak, Charyn, Charyn canyon, canyon, kazakhstan
Valley of Castles, Valley of Castles Charyn Canyon, Valley of Castles Kazakhstan, Charyn Canyon, Charyn, Kazakhstan canyon, Sharyn Canyon, Kazakhstan

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    Hello, how are you?
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    We will be with our big backpacks on our way from Saty to Almaty.


    1. Hi Marcos, there’s nowhere really to leave any luggage at Charyn Canyon unfortunately. The Valley of Castles area is more or less just a parking lot up top.

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